Saturday, April 3, 2010

Puzzles, Surgery and, Oh Yes A Birthday

Update on puzzle project. Guess what? Here is the last piece!


And No hip surgery for housemate for awhile. He's doing pretty good, though still uses the cane or his walker. He still will have surgery at some time. He'll return in August and have a current X-ray of the hip to see what additional deterioration, if any, has taken place since last November.

Spring is here and I continue to find lots of projects to do outside. I haven't started working on the trim for the two side windows yet; but, I have put two coats of primer on the porch ceiling,painted supports for the window boxes that will be at the front windows and sprayed some yellow paint on the flower boxes themselves to match the yellow found in the house numbers. I had some left over vinyl paint from my trailer's spare tire cover project last year. The clay color brown shows thru to tone down the bright yellow. Speaking of left over vinyl paint, I just found a use for the blue vinyl paint from the above mentioned project - my two planters that I place along the porch each year. Pictures later.

The back yard is slowly getting raked up and have cleaned up the iris gardens. I am going to plant some flowers on the alley side of the garage to, I don't know, dress the area up? A neighbor across the street did that with the alley side of their garage and I like it, so....... I am building a raised flowerbed with left over cedar poles from another yard project several years ago.

And I have been busy making my ribbon windsocks. Mary, a friend in Oakley KS, owns a RV Camp (see High Plains Camping link in sidebar under "My Favorite. . . .) and she has a gift shop there. She said to "make a bunch of windsocks and bring them out", so I have been busy adding more colors to my stock to take out in a week or so. I plan on getting the trailer cleaned up this week, the water storage and lines sanitized and head out to Oakley for a couple of nights. Ole Eggie probably has been wondering if he was going to be used for other things besides being my "craft room".

And, I had my 68th birthday. I bought myself some flowers. . . .

Aren't they the most awesome colors?

The sump pump continues to make it's contributions to the sewer line. Feel like the cellar is a pass through for the creek nearby. At least it's cycling every 3 min 10 seconds now whereas last week it was cycling every 2 min and 20 seconds. Ah, hurry up trees and start drinking up that water. So the water table around this house is at the 7 or 8 foot level.

Chris, our next door neighbor, hooked up his slow charger to Old Blue's battery and after 24 hours that old car was ready to run. It's been sitting in the garage since last November. So it has air in the tires and a re-charged battery. I should be getting my truck back later this week when daughter's car should be ready. Now will have to remember to take it out on the road, to keep the battery charged up, much more frequently than I did last Fall.

Oh, I started another puzzle:

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