Friday, March 12, 2010

The Puzzle is Not Getting Done

Well, as you can see not much has been done on the puzzle - a little.

Moving on, I have been busy getting some work done on my window trim. Because of the rainy weather we had this week, I painted the trim inside over the washing machine, moving everything when it was time to do the laundry and then putting everything back.

First chance I got, I put up the new house numbers. Ceramic block numbers I bought on a visit to son in New Mexico several years ago. Notice the sunflowers - Kansas' State Flower. The blocks did not have any holes to apply directly to the new siding, so I mounted them on a spare piece of wood I had, using an adhesive silicone glue and for extra security, I "tied" fishing line around each number and secured on the back side of the board. Am being over protective of my numbers I know, but they are special to me.

Well, the trim is starting to go up on the windows. Here is the trim on the lower half of the front windows. It is bead board. I painted the outer edges white to match the white trim and blend in with the white window trim color. I painted the bead part of the board in the same darker green as the medallions, giving the impression of a narrow board. I wanted a bead board, but couldn't find one the width I wanted so settled on the next size up. The bottom half of both front windows are done, except for a little touch up. I am one-fourth of the way through for this project. Here's the two latest projects (on the left).

And the puzzle still sits on the table. . . . .


  1. The trim looks pretty good. Nice to see the numbers going up too.

  2. You may not want the world to see that you have some REALLY strange friends. Had a great time, EM. Hope you can come back down to see the play in May.