Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Nice Day to Do a Little More Work Outside

I finished putting two coats of paint on the medallions and today I started putting a few of them up. I had the process all planned out in my head . . . NOT. With Plan A I was trying to be very methodical. Kind of hard to be methodical when the house sags in the middle thereby throwing your line of evenness out the window. So sharpened up the old (yes, old) eyeballs and ended up eyeballing placement. With the four I put up today, I used the existing screw holes and drilled a hole in the medallion corresponding with the screw hole and placement of the medallion as even with the one on the opposite side of the window. Eyeballing. Messed up one, but I learned from that mess up!

Suppose to be nice Saturday, so maybe I can get a few more up.

This one looks a little off that's because of the angle of the camera.

And oh yes, I have started another puzzle.

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