Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Soap Box time

And the puzzle, well . . . . .

We have had some nice Spring days lately, and some snow and some rain. On those nice days, I have been raking up the last of last Fall's leaves and twigs in the back yard, working on my ribbon windsocks.

I finished the window trim on the front windows. Next I will do the front windows on the west and east side of the house for now. I'll work my way back as the $$ become available - after an unexpected project on the porch showed it's ugly head.

Tuesday, this week, Ed came to install the porch post supports. That's the backside of Ed.Here's an old post

Here's a new post

Oh ya, the ugly head: lead-based paint peeling really bad off the ceiling of the porch. It has been falling off the ceiling quite a bit the last week or so. Ed explained the new Lead-based paint EPA laws that go into affect on 4/22 of this year. Geez, now in houses built before 1974, there are all kinds of things that will dictate how hired contractors can do things in those older homes that will involve even breaking a seal on paints - certain kinds of exhaust fans, sealing off rooms, wearing biohazard suits, throwing away exposed clothes and on and on. And the contractors have to be certified by the government. I jokingly said I would like to replace the plaster walls with wallboard is what got the discussion started. And upon further reading, I learned now when there is a buyer/seller relationship or a landlord/tenant relationship disclosure has to be made about the potential exposure to lead-based paints.

Okay, I know big Uncle Sam is looking out for our best interests - right (?) and that of a whole new industry too! One of the things that can be done is to cover up the culprit and so now am getting the ceiling covered sometime soon. An expense I hadn't budget for - but hey isn't that what happens when you do some remodeling? Well, at least if I get lead poisoning, I'll have a medical plan in place to take care of me (I hope).

Think of all the old homes that need remodeling. Now that cost of remodeling, unless you are the owner and chose to do that yourself then these laws don't apply to the owner, is skyrocketing and probably won't get done due to the extended cost. There's a lot of older folks who live in pre-1974 built homes and there are a lot of young folks who live in those pre-1974 homes - two groups who generally can't afford fixing up the pre-1974 property they own. So don't buy a pre-1974 house (unless your fortunate like my daughter). Hopefully, daughter if you have to sell your pre-1974 built house, you don't have to do much "proving" that there isn't any leadbased paint in your house, since it was totally gutted and rebuilt in the '90's. Am getting off my soapbox.

Oh, here's the puzzle progress now

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good Day's visit, The Power of the Consumer, & Oh No, It's Time for the 50th!

Oh, had a great time with my friends in Dodge City (yes, it's the REAL Dodge City from Gunsmoke fame) Sarah and Sherry.

Oh, here they are (below)

We celebrated our Christmas exchange, had lunch at Kings Buffet (love the cashew chicken), recognized St Patty's Day, and celebrated my birthday. This is my loot: Oh Dang, forgot to include the box of English Toffee Pecan Shortbread Cookies. I hid the box under the bed so the cookies would at least last thru my birthday next week!

For a number of decades I have been a user of Olay's Complete Sensitive Skin product. Well, imagine my surprise when I applied some lotion, from a new bottle I just bought a week ago, to my face and WOW, it stung and my face turned RED. It felt like an astringent instead of a nice and soothing lotion for my sensitive skin.

I immediately noticed the ingredients were COMPLETEly different. The former lotion had just 2 active ingredients while the new one had a bunch of different active ingredients. I jumped at sending an email to Olay complaining about the change. Well, to make a long story short, this is part of an email I got back last Friday: "Although our newest formula with Skin Shield technology is safe and has strong UV protection, we realize the original sensitive version with its gentle formula better meets the needs of our Complete Sensitive users. The original version will be widely available in May 2010 and will say “Classic Gentle Formula”." YES, YES, YES. THE POWER OF THE CONSUMER!

And last but not least: In my mail last week the flyer came for the high school 50Th reunion. Is it really that time in my life?

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Puzzle is Not Getting Done

Well, as you can see not much has been done on the puzzle - a little.

Moving on, I have been busy getting some work done on my window trim. Because of the rainy weather we had this week, I painted the trim inside over the washing machine, moving everything when it was time to do the laundry and then putting everything back.

First chance I got, I put up the new house numbers. Ceramic block numbers I bought on a visit to son in New Mexico several years ago. Notice the sunflowers - Kansas' State Flower. The blocks did not have any holes to apply directly to the new siding, so I mounted them on a spare piece of wood I had, using an adhesive silicone glue and for extra security, I "tied" fishing line around each number and secured on the back side of the board. Am being over protective of my numbers I know, but they are special to me.

Well, the trim is starting to go up on the windows. Here is the trim on the lower half of the front windows. It is bead board. I painted the outer edges white to match the white trim and blend in with the white window trim color. I painted the bead part of the board in the same darker green as the medallions, giving the impression of a narrow board. I wanted a bead board, but couldn't find one the width I wanted so settled on the next size up. The bottom half of both front windows are done, except for a little touch up. I am one-fourth of the way through for this project. Here's the two latest projects (on the left).

And the puzzle still sits on the table. . . . .

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Nice Day to Do a Little More Work Outside

I finished putting two coats of paint on the medallions and today I started putting a few of them up. I had the process all planned out in my head . . . NOT. With Plan A I was trying to be very methodical. Kind of hard to be methodical when the house sags in the middle thereby throwing your line of evenness out the window. So sharpened up the old (yes, old) eyeballs and ended up eyeballing placement. With the four I put up today, I used the existing screw holes and drilled a hole in the medallion corresponding with the screw hole and placement of the medallion as even with the one on the opposite side of the window. Eyeballing. Messed up one, but I learned from that mess up!

Suppose to be nice Saturday, so maybe I can get a few more up.

This one looks a little off that's because of the angle of the camera.

And oh yes, I have started another puzzle.