Monday, February 8, 2010

When It Rains, it Rains in the Cellar!

Fairly nice day yesterday, we were waiting for the alleged snow storm that decided to hit folks further south of us.

About 10:30 pm, I started having some, errr, runs to the bathroom. I think it was the 4th trip, I thought I heard what sounded like water running somewhere. I knew nothing was running/leaking in the house proper; as soon as I lifted the trap door to the cellar - drip, drip, drip. Groan.

Now our cellar is a cellar, it use to be like a root cellar and had an outside entrance until at some point in the house's history (built in 1919) another 12/15 or so feet was added on - half is a small bedroom and the other half is the current kitchen. It's basically a hole with concrete walls and floor and the water heater and furnace are down there. And, there is a sump pump because of our close proximity to the City lake. Oh thank heavens for the sump pump. Luckily, the furnace and water heater were above the water on the floor of the cellar. Fortunately, the leak was on this side of the shut off faucet for the house.

Okay now there is no water running and I am still needing to make my frequent trips to the bathroom. Well, those kept up until 3:30 in the morn. I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep until awakened by a loud vehicle that goes by the house at 6 a.m. weekdays and the trips start up again.

A local plumber was able to send someone over right away, after I called. Nice young man. He got the leak fixed and fixed my kitchen sink drains too. The rings that tighten the drain pipe to the sink had broken and there wasn't any connection. This had just happened within the last few days - actually I didn't know about one of them. You can see the separation to the left.

Now we are almost happy campers - until I can catch up on the sleep I missed.

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