Saturday, February 27, 2010

Took Advantage of a Couple Nice Days

While we have had mostly "inside" weather for awhile and I worked on a puzzle or two, I have been bit by the "spring" bug. I have anxiously been wanting to get started in putting up the trim around my windows - in fact the feeling started the day after the siding on the house was completed.

I have been stocking up on the necessary materials (paint, brushes, masking tape, etc) in hopes that a day to two would come along to get started with the painting of the trim. And, they did - yesterday and today had temps in the upper 50's. Temps where I was painting at the opening of the garage was in the low 60's - just perfect.

I started with the medallions that will be in the corners of the framing around the windows. First a couple of coats of primer on the medallions, then, when they are finished, two coats of darker green than the siding. In between the medallions on the side of the windows will be vertical strips, also painted in the dark green.

When I can, I will use the existing screws in the window siding to attach the medallions. Other places, I'll just have to drill a new hole. Putting holes in siding is like drilling a hole in my fiberglass trailer. I grit my teeth whenever I have drilled a hole in the trailer hoping that I do it right the first time.

I got curious about the combination of the trim green against the house siding, so I painted the stepplate at the back door, in the darker green. I like it. Looks better than what is shown in the picture. I still need to do a second coat later. Will post updates as the opportunities to do more work comes along.

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