Sunday, February 7, 2010

Same ole, same ole

No trip in sight for awhile, maybe some little ones here and there. Boy, cabin fever is hitting me and we keep getting that snow, snow, snow. Would like to be down on Padre Island with some Casita friends and acquaintances (hey Mountainborn, you guys still there?). Just the idea sounds heavenly. Okay, got the moaning out of the way.

As I have mentioned in previous postings, my housemate Jim has been having a rough time for the last 6 or so months. He was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery just before Christmas, came up with a dang bladder infection. Surgery got postponed to early Feb. Then on New Year's Day, he went into the hospital for 8 nights because of cellulitis and a MRSA infection in his left foot's toes. A week after getting out of the hospital, he had the errant big toe nail pulled 'cause he has a lot of problems with that thing being ingrown. So there have been daily routines to follow getting everything healed up or gotten rid of.

The bladder infection is gone, the removed toenail is almost healed up and I can touch it now when I clean it. He's still on meds for his MRSA - that can take 6 to 8 weeks to clear up. He had a scratch on his arm that ended up being cellulitis. Now he knows to keep those fingernails trimmed. He did scratch himself on the face, but we got the meds on that one faster and so far no cellulits has shown it's ugly self.

We did see the hip surgeon last week, and now we are looking at April for the surgery. We go back in late March to get everything set up - again. This time we are going to make it.

I got my skin cancer spot removed and got a letter today telling me that everything is okay, no residue. Get the stitches (10 of them) taken out next Tuesday.

I slip out to my little trailer and work on my ribbon windsocks, have around 35-40 made now. All the materials are on the bed, so can't lay down and take a nap. I have a cable hooked up to the trailer, but I have the completed windsocks hanging from rods located in front of the TV so can't really watch anything. Here are some pictures of what I am talking about.

To the left, is my work area; on the right below is where I keep my supplies and the finished windsocks.

To the right below are some of the colorful ones I have made, being "breeze" tested.

To store them, when I run out of room in the trailer, I hang them inside large cardboard boxes with holes punched on one side to pull the hanging rings through. The boxes are tall enough so the windsock can hang freely. It keeps me busy and gives me some "quiet" time. Hope I can work in some craft shows this summer so I can sell them - either that or my family and friends are going to get a lot of ribbon windsocks!

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