Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Toenail Gone Bye-Bye & Skin Cancer

No, the toenail didn't get yanked because of the skin cancer - wouldn't that be known as "toe cancer"?

Housemate Jim had his ingrown toenail removed yesterday. I can still see the podiatrist removing the nail, ugh. I told Jim I would explain to him how he did it in a year, as he couldn't/wouldn't see it. So now, not only is he getting his toes taken care of and healing from the cellulitis/MRSA infection, the big toes nail area is being treated daily too. I thought about taking a picture, but will spare you the reader.

I am the one with the skin cancer. A spot on my upper back showed up while I was on my last trip, although I didn't really see it until the end of the last trip. Sure enough the biopsy I had several weeks ago showed it to be basil cell carcinoma. A fairly common form of skin cancer and it will be removed later this month. I just hope the scar isn't too rough as it is where my bra strap and the back strap come together. Oh yea, this gives me an excuse to go braless for awhile! Ahhhhhhhh.

My "snow garden" is melting pretty fast in this nice weather we are having. The back yard is just one big muddy mess. It's a muckie mess and when I go out to the trailer to work on my crafts, I should wear hip boots. There is a sump pump in the cellar and that thing is working overtime. We are just a block from the City lake, which is quite full and so the combination of lake water that has seeped our way and the melting snow, I think the water table has risen to the surface and my sump pump is trying to send it all into the sewer system! Well, according to Mr Weatherman, we are suppose to have a couple more days of nice, then a couple of days of rain. Oh, just what we need.

The siding is starting to pay off. Got the first heating bill in since it was installed and we used less gas therms than Dec '08. It would have been lower, but because of Jim's infections we were using a lot more hot water from the gas water heater. And, this December we had 20 out of 31 days where the daily high didn't get over 30 degrees and in Dec '08, we only had 6 out of 31 days the daily high didn't get over 30 degrees. So we are lookin good.

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