Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting Out The New Year

with my first posting of the year. This year is going to be good, not only for me and those close to me but for everyone else. '09 has been a rough year for many, a good year for many, and just an average year for others. What ever it was for you, I hope that next year at this time you can look back and say "It was a good year". That is my New Year's wish for all.

My New Year's goals are to get my housemate through his hip replacement surgery successfully and with ease (it has been postponed until late January/early February due to an infection that the surgeon didn't want to deal with); at least one long trip and 2 or 3 short trips with my little trailer; learn to live better within my budget; get the truck paid off; spend more time with friends; get the bathroom overhauled, go to my 50th high school class reunion in Calif (that might be my long trip) . That's enough.

We had a good family reunion for Christmas this year. Son came up for the week, which he hasn't done for many, many years. Was great to experience having both son and daughter with us, at this special time of the year.

Getting the house re-sided when I did was good timing for all this cold and snowy weather we've been having. Traveling, with my little trailer August to mid-October, seeing an old friend and making new ones was a reward last year. Retiring in June was great timing to be able to help my housemate out with his health circumstances. Maybe getting the kidney stone in May wasn't a good thing; but, it could have been worse and at least I now know the excruciating pain that one experiences and can understand another's discomfort. And, oh to learn that my heart's ejection fraction rate went from a little under 25% several years ago to 65% this year was super thrilling to learn. Thank you Dr Janif. Thanks to the Internet, I have been able to stay in touch with my grade-school friend Annie, those that I have met through the years but don't get to see very often; to my two very good Dodge City friends - Sarah and Sherry - for letting me visit them often and taking me to see the wonderful productions of the Dodge City Repertory Company. And again for having wonderful life experiences with my two favorite kids - Jim and Juno. Okay ex, you too. We're still living under the same roof as housemates!

So I am looking forward to this new year. Happy New Year to all.

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  1. Em, here is wishing you a great New Year. Your Dodge City buddy, Sarah