Friday, November 20, 2009

Three Big Events Going On. . . .

First: Daughter's 4th anniversary of being cancer free. She even got to have DEXA scan and it was found she has just a little bone thinning. That was a relief to learn it wasn't worse. She has lower back problems and the docs wanted her to have the bone scan but originally her health insurer wouldn't pay for it; well, somebody worked hard and got it okayed. She had an MRI too, but she hasn't told me anything yet

Second: My housemate Jim, will be having a total left hip replacement on Dec 22nd. He has just been struggling with the pain and the inability to move around much for months now and it has just gotten worse as each month went by. He visited an orthopedic specialist and the third sentence out of the doc's mouth was "You need to have a hip replacement." His hip joint is just riddled with arthritis. I was soooooo thrilled when Jim agreed to do the surgery. Anything like this is a big ordeal to Jim, he just doesn't like hospitals, surgery, etc.

Third: I am finally getting siding on my little house. I have been wanting to do this since I bought the house a little over 3 years ago. It's a little prairie-style bungalow and is 90 years old and needs a lot of work, probably more than I'll ever be able to afford having done. The new siding is in a lt. sage color with white trim, there is insulation installed between the existing exterior wall and the new siding. The installer started yesterday and hopes to be done Monday. Well, it's a Christmas present to my self for years to come! I'll post some pictures later.

Hope your Thanksgiving will be a joyous one with family and/or friends. May you and family have safe travels. Ours will be a quiet one as son won't be joining us this year, but will be coming up for the Christmas holidays and his dad's surgery.

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