Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Much to Report

Cataract in right eye is about ready to be removed - about time getting tired of the blurry vision.

Had our first light snow today.

Son will be coming up, from New Mexico, for Christmas this year instead of Thanksgiving. First time.

I don't have to work on Black Friday - I can go be a part of it, if I choose.

Making some pink ribbon wind socks and donating to daughter's Sister of Survivor group to sell.

Most frustrating project to work on is going over all the changes to my Medicare Advantage program for 2010. First thing that hits you is the premium is just a couple dollars short of doubling. And, there is now a prescription deductible and "the gap" is wider between the initial coverage stage and the catastrophic coverage stage, some drugs are gone, some new and some have been shifted to a different tier level. That's just a little bit of the prescription part of my Advantage program. I haven't even started on the medical parts A and B! So far I have two pages of questions to ask my Advantage company. Geezzzzz

I think things are becoming more difficult to wade through as you get older. That's not an oxymoron either!


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