Monday, October 5, 2009

Hate Headcolds

Stop # 17: Albia Iowa

Wooooooeeee that was a cold one Saturday night! I had frost on the tonneau cover, but not on the windshield of the truck Sunday morning. That little heater, mainly to keep the temp high enough in here to keep the water lines from freezing up during the night, did it’s best to keep the chill out, but I have my electric blanket for me. The owner of the local bakery, Jim, had said it might get down to the first frost this morning. The lowest my indoor/outdoor thermometer said was 33 degrees when I was up at 4:30 to check things out.

Since I was leaving I went ahead and took my water hose off last night and put it away for traveling. Just hate handling that thing when it is so cold in the morning and it won’t bend! Been trying to find a 20 Ft flex water hose, but no luck yet, I have two 10-ft flex hoses but they are leaking so bad now that I really don’t use them. Took my time getting packed up this morning to let the sun (FINALLY) warm it up a bit - no clouds in sight.

I woke up not feeling to good, like a head cold was coming on, so didn’t really want to drive too far but get closer to the southeast corner of Iowa. At least I had good driving weather. I took IA-92 eastward, not visiting the National Balloon Museum in Indianola (too early), spending time at WalMart eating lunch and taking a short nap, instead of seeing the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Museum in Knoxville.

I headed south on IA-5 to Albia and checked into a RV Park, splurging on full-hookups, cable TV and WiFi, laundry and nice warm showers. I am staying at the Indian Hills RV Park I wasn’t sure if I could remember how to hook up my TV since it has been 8 weeks since I have even watched TV. And, I have only hooked up my water hose 5 times since I left. Since I wasn’t feeling up to par, I just did nothing. It took me forever to get set up, so was tired when I got done - went to a Mexican restaurant for a HOT and SPICY burrito for supper and climbed into bed and slept until 8 a.m.

Monday I managed to get laundry done and set up an appointment to get an oil change and a couple of things checked on the truck Tuesday morning in Ottumwa. Kind of wish I hadn’t hooked up the TV, the weather reports for later this week where am going is not to whoopee. Oh dang, it’s raining right now.

I’ll be heading out on Wednesday morning, suppose to be sunny, so am going to take advantage of the “dry” weather (I hope) and move down toward Keosauqua for awhile, unless the cold weather drives me south and westward. Am going to save Pella and the Amana Colonies for another time. While at WalMart in Knoxville, I bought some clothing items to keep me warmer in this cold weather I wasn’t expecting so soon. Not quite ready for snow though.

PS have put the Barn Quilt and Quilt Show pictures up on Flickr, plus the pictures with the Watsons. Still have some interesting pictures from Sac City to Stanton, will get before I head southeastward.

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  1. Thanks!'s getting colder too quick. We're headed to Russell in the morning and then on west the next day. Get the coach serviced in Colby and then shoot on into Co Springs to put her away for a while. Hope we beat the snow flakes or we'll wait til next week. At least we have good hydronic heat so shoud be o.k. there. I loved Iowa. All of it! Feel better soon!