Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Stop #5 - Additional Snake Crossing SP Comments

Well, the weekend before Labor Day should prepare me for camping over Labor Day weekend. It wasn’t too bad. At least almost everyone respects the quiet hours, starting at 11 p.m. Somebody and her two whiny granddaughters woke me, and probably a few others, up at 3 a.m.

On trip back to the Campground Saturday, I stopped off to see Platte Creek State Park. It is 10 miles off the highway, so definitely doesn’t have highway noise, at least half or a little more had electrical hookups, is located in a cove off the M. River, has showers, and is obviously not popular with the weekenders as there wasn’t anyone there compared to 85% capacity at Snake Creek SP. There is a boat landing across the cove and it was plenty busy. It might be for the numerous and long hills one must go up and down to get there that discourages folks, probably because there are not organized kid activities like at Snake Creek, there isn’t any beach or playground, it’s not grassy, not a lot of trees. Am going to check out Buryanek campground tomorrow. It’s the one I had intended to use in this area.

I brought a huge coconut almond scone for Sunday breakfast,I am going to try and go back Tuesday morn and have breakfast, use their WiFi, get a few groceries and ice before I head out Wednesday for Indian Creek Recreation Area, up near Mobridge, SD for 3 nights.

One word to those from out of state who might use the online reservation service for SD State campgrounds, there is a $7.70 nonresident online charge attached. If you go to a park as a walk-in, there is no nonresident charge. I now have a SD annual park permit ($28), since will be spending more than 7 nights in SP. I do like how the Parks post on each campsite pad post if the campsite is available and "until when".

All in all the weekend wasn’t bad. The kids had a good time, meeting new friends, seeing old ones from a previous year, playing in the playground or down on the beach, participating in the daytime activities for kids, going to a movie on Fri and/or Sat night here at the campground, sitting around the campfire at night with family and roasting wieners and marshmallows (smelled like one big wienie roast Saturday night around here). There were two college-age fellows who were keeping up a tradition started by their folks when they became school-age - spending the weekend before classes start camping out; there were 6 families spending the weekend together having a good time during the day and around the campfire at night, talking and laughing. But when that quiet hour came is was quieter than a church around here. Kids didn’t get up and start making kid noises until around 8 a.m.

There was one couple - grandparents - who had their grandkids with them. Two little boys, the oldest around 4ish and his younger brother around 2ish, who spent a lot of good memory (or soon to be) time with their grandparents. They ate breakfast together outside - was always scrambled eggs and bacon, could I smell that bacon, took walks together. It would either be one grandparent or the other and once all 4 of them. If older brother stopped to pick up something, so would little brother; and if older brother pointed to something, so would little brother. There was a set of grandparents having fun, two brothers who will have memories, and a set of parents having a nice quiet weekend.

Monday morning is was quiet with only 10 trailers left in the Park and two of those left early. Sunday it was interesting watching a mass exodus of around 80 trailers, trailers with boats/ski mobiles, vans, trucks leaving the Park all day. I could see the River again.

Monday is my brother’s 64 birthday. Have a Happy ‘Nother one Bro.

Sunday I got my first ribbon wind sock done. It was fairly easy even for my nimbless fingers. Monday I worked on another one. Hopefully, get good enough to maybe sell a few and cover some of the cost of buying the ribbon and beads at Hobby Lobby, right Sarah? Hope there isn’t a Hobby Lobby or similar type store anywhere near where I’ll be traveling!

Monday was laundry day and was able to take advantage of the single washer/dryer over across the street at Dock 44. Unlike a lot of laundry mats I was able to have lunch and read my current book by Nevada Barr: “A Superior Death”. After putting laundry away, I needed to throw some trash away in the dumpster and as I was walking up I had to walk thru a swarm of dragonflies, with a few butterflies dispersed among them. It was a truly different feeling. I stopped and watched them and it felt like, as I was walking back to the trailer, that they were moving along with me. Cool.

The wind picked up Monday and has continued into Tuesday.

Lots of whitecaps on the River. Was in the low 80’s yesterday and is suppose to be again today. Today, Tuesday, am running into Platte to get a few groceries. My refrig isn’t working so am just using it for storage now. New fuse didn’t do anything so must be in the control as there is electricity to the plug the refrig uses and there is a propane flame but it doesn’t do anything except just burn propane. Might take the hammer and lightly tap the control, who knows might work.

Am stopping by Serendipity again to use the Internet, have some coffee and, hopefully a really scrumptious, melt in your mouth scone. Back to camp, finish up my current ribbon wind sock, and start getting ready to head out sometime tomorrow morning.

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