Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Time to Move On. . . .

Stop # 13 Notes

Just realized why I had so much trouble when I got here - it was my lucky Stop #13!

A nice rainy day to get little stuff taken care of, though didn’t get cleaning done. Got laundry done though. Kinda missing the kids, so called son in NM and he’s doing good; daughter was working Monday night so will call her Tuesday night. What would I do without a cell phone?

Tuesday, weather wise proved to be a better day to go somewhere; so, I took off to Clear Lake to the Surf Ballroom to see the stage where Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, and The Big Bopper Richardson performed for the last time on February 2, 1959
. All 3 and their pilot, were killed in a plane crash the next day. THAT was the day the music died. The place is not really that big, compared to today's standards, but WOW the memories, especially in the Rock ‘n Roll Museum with all the pictures
of those years when growing up; and, today's C&W’s, etc. Lots of stuff on the 3 gentlemen of yesteryear too including some Big Bands.

I got my picture taken up on the same stage.

The really enthusiastic lady in the gift shop told me that I shouldn’t miss a trip to Mason City and The Music Man Square. So with her enthusiasm I drove just 10 miles down the road, thinking I’d stay just an hour. HA I took the tour through his boyhood home and learned a lot about his family and him - sounded a lot like some of today’s families. His father left his mother when Meredith Willson was quite young for a younger woman and ended up moving in a Willson property behind the house where his mother currently lived. Ouch! Meredith himself was married 3 times. The house is an event in itself and worth the tour. Music Man Square is a replica of “River City”

from the movie and interesting to walk up and down looking at things. The museum inside took a long time to go through and is very interesting with a lot of “touch” screens. I had to buy a Music Man T-Shirt as well as I did at the Surf Ballroom.

So with that educating day under my belt, I didn’t get back to the campsite to do really much prep work and cleaning, which needed to be done; so, stuck my $12 in an envelop to spend another night and leave Thursday morning. Wednesday, I did get some cleaning done and finished making my son’s birthday present and got it in the mail. He may get it before Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON.

Oh, I did stop in the little town of Britt and took a picture of this:
No kidding there really is one - a national museum too.

I fixed a quick waffle for supper, worked on the slideshow for the trip to date and selected pictures to update Flickr. I talked to Ann about coming and she emailed me directions to get to their place in Sac City. It’ll be fun meeting another Casita couple. She’ll be busy with the Quilt Show over the weekend which I want to take in too, plus go out and see those Barn Quilts. After all, that’s one of the reasons I came to Iowa.

After leaving the Watson’s, I hope to head down to Red Oak - gee, I think I have a good friend born in that area - and especially see the little Swedish town of Stanton with their Teapot and Cup and Saucer Water Towers. From there will head over to Winterset to see The Bridges of Madison County.

Perfect evening on Smith Lake:
It’s a pretty place, but just too much traffic by the trailer, especially the way the Park is laid out. Oh, and don’t come when the Geese are here. The number of Canadian Geese has increased on the Lake since I arrived and some kind of “geese altercation” was taking place last night after dark. I don’t understand geesedom but it didn’t sound very friendly for the most part and it sounded like Lonesome Joe goose got kicked out of the flock was trying to find a friend. I did not get to sleep until 4:30 in the morning because they kept that awful honk, honk, honking of theirs up forEVER it seemed like. Be nice to find a lake WITHOUT geese!

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