Friday, September 4, 2009

And . . . The Corn is as High as an Elephant's Eye (I know wrong State)

Stop #6 - Indian Creek State Recreation Area, Mobridge SD

Up near the ND/SD state line, along the Missouri River, is where Mobridge is located. The town got it’s name from a telegrapher’s dots and dashes when the town was formed as railroad crews were building a railroad bridge across the Missouri River. He would end his transmissions with M O Bridge. The Milwaukee Railroad reached Mobridge in Sept 1906 and the first lot sale occurred a month later.

It is a very neat little town, one that I have seen many of crossing this State. The little town of Miller SD is a neat, attractive little town that I enjoyed winging my trailer around in through the residential area as well as the downtown “arena”. Very nice grocery store too -and they have small sacks of grapes too (hate those big bags that I can’t eat in a reasonable time).

I am glad am not into old one-room school houses or deteriorating farm houses, I’d go crazy if I was. There are so many remnants of country schools along the road, a few have been fixed into houses, one was a museum along side the road but the rest were just shells - with their outhouses still intact out behind the building.

The crops are corn, which is “as high as an elephant’s eye”, soybeans, cattle and wheat. And, pheasants! They are so thick that I knew there would be a time when I couldn’t avoid hitting one - and one flew into the side of the truck. I felt uggie. My first pheasant and it had to be with the truck. I don’t eat wild game.

I came up SD 45 from it’s start at Platte to US 12, then west on US 12 to Mobridge. The Recreation Area is just outside of town and has two sections, I am in the newer one where the trees aren’t as mature, but neat and clean and well patrolled. Of course, the staff are getting the area ready for the weekenders. The rest room/showers are fairly new.

Watching one of the staff people move the picnic tables off the parking pads. The tables are moved up on the pads when it is time to mow and they move them around with their little 4-wheeler carts. Made of aluminum so that makes it easier. Geez, I had to move the table by myself!

Wed night needed ice and was hungry for a pizza. But learned the Pizza Hut had lost their franchise. Had trouble finding the replacement so bought a package of two small Red Barons . . .and the ice. On the way back to camp I spotted the replacement pizza place, called Pizza Planet but it was shut down. Guess the combo of Pizza and Planet just didn’t go.

Thursday was a foggy day to start, with the fog lifting around noon, but the clouds remained. Temperature was nice with a little breeze. I worked on my friend’s daughter’s ribbon wind sock for most of the day. Lisa came down from Fort Yates and we met at a local restaurant for dinner. I got to meet her daughter Aspen and 2-yr old son Cinch. Aspen brought her cousin Katy along too.

I made, what was to be, a fast trip to the restroom before bed; and when I stepped out the door the sight to see just took my breath away - the full moon light on the Missouri River. Oh my gosh, I’d never get that effect with a full moon and a water-filled old wash tub in the back yard at home! I took the short way to the restroom and the long way back to the trailer just ooooohhhhing and aaaaawwwwing. Hope I didn’t wake anyone.

Friday I stopped at the local RV place on my way to do some sight seeing around Mobridge and before meeting Lisa at Fort Yates.
He is going to check it out tomorrow morn on my way to Fort A. Lincoln SP. One of the places I went is one of two Sitting Bulls graves (the other is at Fort Yates). His monument has placed to look out over the Standing Rock area where he was from. Also nearby, is a monument to Sacagawea.

Lisa showed me the campus of Sitting Bull College - very beautiful and very new - and then she drove around Fort Yates, where she lives (she has a 2-bedroom tribal house that rents for $59 a month!), and then up on the water tower hill behind town where I took some pictures of the Tribal Headquarters and the Missouri River, looking across to Sitting Bull College, and looking over Fort Yates southward.

Lisa bought me a Sitting Bull College jacket and I just love it. Thank you Lisa. I don’t have any pictures of Lisa yet, but will get them when I stop on my way to Fort Abraham Lincoln SP. I took a different way back to Mobridge as SD 1806 was not a good road to take a single axle trailer on. The potholes were covered over but the workmanship of doing that leaves a lot to be desired. The bouncing between truck and trailer would have wore on my nerves and besides Eggie might have just bounced on the back of the truck! So will go west to McLaughlin on US 12, north on ND 6 and then east into Fort Yates on ND 24.

This country is many scenes from “Dances with Wolves”. I passed a buffalo ranch with a large herd fairly close to the road. The word “serene” comes to mind again. I swear there are more fields of sunflowers than in the State of Kansas (which is the sunflower State). Their heads are drooping so it is close to harvest time; and many, many, many round bales of hay as far as the eye can see. And large herds of horses - in addition to lots of water - are my thoughts of South Dakota. It’s been a good visit.

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