Monday, August 17, 2009

Eeeeeha, lets get that Wagon Moving

Yup pardner, have headed into western Kansas and have parked my Wagon at the High Plains Campground in Oakley, on I-70. What a nice spot this is - wonderfully clean showers and restrooms, a miniature golf course, horseshoes, HOT, LUKEWARM & COOL SPA TUBS (wonderful in the summer heat). There is also the Spray Zone to cool off for young and old alike. And, to top it off there is a organic vegetable garden - pickens for the campers. I got 3 tomatoes to ripen "in my window". There is going to be a huge crop of tomatoes coming around in a week or so; plus, some pretty good size pumpkins. And, then to top of the evening a fantastic lightening show all around us.

Oh, and there is a big, big renovated barn that you can go to to cool off, work on some puzzles, read, sit and talk with other campers. The barn can also be rented for rallies, get-to-gethers, family reunions and so on. I know it sounds like a commercial - well, it is. I suggested to Mary about adding 1 or 2 barn quilt blocks to the ends of the barn - perhaps a block from her heirloom quilts.

Okay, I only went 75 miles from home - and on the Interstate to boot. But I just had to check this place out. My daughter told me about this lady that owns the place and that she Tweets on Twitter about happenings and goin's on around here at the Park and Oakley and the state and about the travel industry. She also has a blog and is on FaceBook. And of course I had to check out her website. Well here I am at Mary's place. She had me hooked. Well, when you meet Mary you get hooked more. She is an inspiration to others. She has carried on the dream of her and her husband, who she lost shortly after acquisition of the RV Park. He told her that he was coming back as a bunny rabbit - well he is here in abundance. So Mary is being watched over many, many times.

Mary invited me to join her in one of the hot tubs after she closed the office; but because of the heavy lightening around the area we didn't. I enjoyed a cool drink with her and a neighbor, Mike, on her deck watching the lightening. At 11 p.m. I was sleepy enough to go to bed; but, alas as soon as my head was down I was wide awake! Good thing as not too long after I went to bed the winds from the various storms to the north and to the south hit here. Checked the velocity at various times during the wind storm and they were running around 35 mph with gusts up to 40 and 45 mph. Had the trailer solidly set and it sat pretty still. At some point I finally fell asleep.

Morning, Sunday: I decided to take the trailer down to Monument Rocks this morning to get some photos of a camper visiting one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas.

Mary was wanting some of The Rocks that she can submit to a State RV Assn for their new brochure coming up next year; and. will incorporate submitted photos into a collage of the 8 Wonders. Suppose to rain tonight, so that was my clincher since 7 miles is on gravel road. It was sorta crowded there for a spot way off the road, but I managed to get some photos of a travel trailer visiting one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas. I also stopped at the statue where the birthplace of the "Legend of 'Buffalo Bill' Cody" is located in Oakley.

Oh, I met Cindy from Boulder CO who had just bought a new to her T@B teardrop trailer. The trailer is actually very new and this is Cindy's first time at pulling a trailer. She is absolutely excited about all the things she can do. Cindy is a recent breast cancer survivor and just a couple years older than my daughter - also a breast cancer survivor - and is like so many of these lovely ladies (and those adorable men too) where life takes on a whole new meaning. We talked about many interesting things this morning. She has a good life ahead of her with lots of adventures for her and her husband. I am so excited for her and have been blessed with meeting her.

Has been a really lovely day with temps in the low 80's and a nice gentle breeze blowing. It was low enough that I could partially put up the awning to keep the sun off the passenger side of the trailer. Had dinner of meatloaf, rice, and a salad. That's a pretty big meal for me when I am traveling. And, a great end to the stay here was some time in the hot tub after dark with Mary and Mike. I ought to sleep like a log.

I have plotted out my next destination and that will be to the Flying Bee Ranch LLC in the Scottsbluff area. Actually, if you want to find it, it is around 5 miles south of a little town called McGrew on US-92. It is a working cattle ranch. When I first called, Louise was on horseback and not able to take my info. I'll be there 3 or 4 nights. There are electrical hookups and water nearby, but no dump station. Length of stay will be determined by how frugal I will be with water. One of the nearby little towns does have a public dumpstation, so it's no biggie.

So on the road again, folks. Be several days before I have a new posting. Eeeeeha, lets get that wagon moving.

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