Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Hasn't Even Been 3 Weeks Yet!

Seems like I have been retired a long time already. Guess that says I am fitting into retirement comfortably.

Am still working on my Trailer Quilt. I used an old spare tire cover to work out the details of how to do this. Originally, I ordered some vinyl paint markers to practice and see what the colors would look like. There isn't much choice as far as colors and shades, unless you go online. I found nothing in Hays and the most of the colors I found online, are somber. I needed red, blue and yellow and in bright colors. I found some in the Colorbond brand and I ordered cans of vinyl spray paint from them in the red, blue and yellow and am awaiting their arrival now. The new spare tire cover came in last Friday and it's now prepared to be drawn on. I have a little bistro table that the cover fits over just perfectly so I'll have a nice flat surface to work on.

I finished the porch's sunshade and am putting the finishing touches on it. Have had to modify some of the directions so it would work properly. I used some of that material left over from the dogwood tree's sunshade.

Another project is refinishing the wood on the outdoor furniture. I have one of those benches and it has been sitting out on the front porch for the last several years and the wood part needs to be re coated with some weather protecting material. Right now I have it all apart so I can sand down the wood and then apply the material. I have another chair I will attempt later.

Guess I am not a tomato plant grower. The one I bought is not doing very good, so guess just continue buying from the store or a farmers market. When I was visiting son in Socorro NM last fall, I bought some iris plants at a local farmers market. They hung in the garage at home all winter. Early spring I soaked the pods for a few days (even had one start to send out leaves) and planted about a dozen of them, not knowing if they would grow. Eight of them have, plus some I replanted from daughter's yard. Hopefully, there should be an abundance of iris flowers next year. The ones I planted around the tree in the back yard are doing good along with some transplanted mums, also from daughter's yard. I also have a rose plant started under the tree. When I originally planted the iris plants I marked the locations with stalks from a climbing rose plant that is located near the patio - guess what? One of the stalks has sprouted some leaves.

I am slowing getting the urge to pack up the trailer again and take a week and head somewhere. There is an RV park at Oakley Ks - High Plains Camping - that I would like to spend a few nights at. The owner, Mary Arlington, blogs and Twitters (yes, I Tweet on Twitter - do you Tweet?) have intrigued me to try the place. From there I would like to wander around the western Nebraska Panhandle area, maybe through the southeastern corner of Wyoming and down through eastern Colorado. Think that's going to take more than a week, but hey am on a "lifetime vacation".

Finished another book by J.A. Jance- Rattlesnake Crossing - A Sheriff Joanna Brady mystery. My next book of hers will be "Outlaw Mountain".

IT'S BEEN TWO WEEKS SINCE I WENT TO HAYS! Has been wonderful watching the truck's gas gauge hardly move these last two weeks. Everything I have needed right away have been able to get here in town. I like that. Will be going either Thursday or Friday as need some prescriptions filled and a few grocery items not available here at our local grocery store. Didn't even go into Hays to watch the 4th's fireworks show - could just sit out on the front porch and watch all the neighborhood shows on Saturday night.

Haven't started on the ribbon wind soxs yet, gotta get these other projects done first (or at least close to getting them done) before I start. All this multi-tasking from my work years is still hanging around - think that's one skill I am going to try and unlearn!

Well, last load of laundry is done, so need to go hang the load up outside. Will try and post some pics of my projects in the next posting. Until later.

PS. Just made plans to go to Dodge City to see Sherry and Sarah, say Happy Birthday to Sarah, and go see the play Cinderella at the Dodge City Depot Theatre at the end of this month. Ohhhhhhh, it felt so good to say "YES" and not have to return email and say "I gotta work!"

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