Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

June 20, 2009. The first day of my retirement - a day long in coming, a day one begins to wonder will ever come, especially when you are in your 50's. The word "retirement" started creeping into my vocabulary around my mid-50's. I had hoped to retire around 62, but circumstances during my 50's changed that. And, I had to pretty much start saving all over again. Here I am today, ready. Maybe not as financially well as I had hoped for, but definitely physically ready.

The one question that I was continually asked is "What are you going to do?" as I mentioned in my previous posting. Martha, a now former co-worker and a sweetie and who (or whom) is much older than I (or is it "me", I like "I"), asked me yesterday how did I feel - like the feeling one gets when a load has been lifted off ones shoulders. Yesterday I was starting to feel that way. This morning I do feel lighter. I would bounce when I walk, if my tired feet would let me.

And something unique happened on my last day of work at the big box retailer. I got to see my first apprehension and arrest of shoplifters. I had heard about lots of other incidents over the 8 years there, but never got to see one. They made it out past the doors (the couple were suspects ahead of time while in the store and the only legal way to apprehend is to let the suspect(s) exit thru the doors, which exhibits the intent of leaving without paying). They ended up having over $1100 worth of merchandise in their carts.

This morning at 11:30 a.m. I am going to burn my uniform from work. It will represent the "work uniform" from all the years I have been in the work force. Picture later.

Well, if this aint't a bummer, it's raining.

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