Wednesday, June 3, 2009


That's it. Everybody at work keeps asking me what am I going to do. Probably not much for awhile. I AM going to take 4 days and head up to Harlan County Lake, near Republican City NE and stay at a Corp of Engineers campground. It'll be getting hot about that time, so no definite plans for the summer.

Right now I am making a special sun shade for the little dogwood tree I planted last May of 2008. Dogwoods are not too common in this part of the country and last year our summer sun was pretty harsh on the little tree I brought back from Arkansas. I attempted to rig up a variety of shades last year. The neighbors were all wondering what I was doing. Then we had a late spring freeze, this year, after the little leaf buds had started showing. I thought the thing was a goner and really didn't expect anything this year. But, lo and behold, towards the end of May a little leaf was showing itself on one limb. Pretty soon there was another and another and another. The ends of the branches are gone but little new branches are starting. So this summer I want to help it get thru our hot July and August. It takes a lot of water too.

Unfortunately, the pink dogwood I brought home for daughter didn't make it. And, it was doing so much better last summer than the white dogwood did.

Then my next project will be to make a sun shade for the west end of our front porch. I enjoy sitting out on the front porch and watch the world driving by, jogging by, biking by, walking by. And, I just sit there and wave.

I do have a project list and I'll get around to the projects when I feel like it. Ah, retirement.

Well, just nine more working days - June 5th thru 8th; June 12 thru 15th; and the last day is June 19th. I know 3 days off and the then one day of work. That's okay.

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  1. Hi, Emily -

    Best wishes on your retirement. I envy you the freedom to come and go as you want. Me - it's about 3-4 years off - the current financial mess being the chief culprit. But I did travel to NM for a couple of weeks last month to give myself a preview of what I hope is ahead.