Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today is the Day

I head to Council Grove KS for 4 nights. Trailer is cleaned inside and out. I still need to remove the black streaks, on the outside, from the recent rains and put food stuff inside. I have my winter coat, gloves and hat in case it turns cold and am using my 45+ year old Eddie Bauer sleeping bag this time instead of putting sheets on the bed. I haven't tried this before and it sure is easier making up the bed.

Got new tires on "Eggie" and took him out for a short refresher on backing. Tried something someone suggested to me and it worked and made it a lot easier for me - as long as the parking slot is not at a 90 degree angle!

Daughter came over last night and we grilled some hamburgers/hot dogs - in a rain as it ended up. We had a nice rain in the early evening. She said, when she was out on the dog's walk after work, that she could smell a lot of grills and food being cooked - and then it rains. I watched the neighbor across the street run out to her grill using an umbrella to check her dinner.

Not taking the laptop but have a note pad I'll jot things down. Have the batteries for the camera recharged and will take lots of pictures. I should be back late Monday or early Tuesday.

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