Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today is the Day

I head to Council Grove KS for 4 nights. Trailer is cleaned inside and out. I still need to remove the black streaks, on the outside, from the recent rains and put food stuff inside. I have my winter coat, gloves and hat in case it turns cold and am using my 45+ year old Eddie Bauer sleeping bag this time instead of putting sheets on the bed. I haven't tried this before and it sure is easier making up the bed.

Got new tires on "Eggie" and took him out for a short refresher on backing. Tried something someone suggested to me and it worked and made it a lot easier for me - as long as the parking slot is not at a 90 degree angle!

Daughter came over last night and we grilled some hamburgers/hot dogs - in a rain as it ended up. We had a nice rain in the early evening. She said, when she was out on the dog's walk after work, that she could smell a lot of grills and food being cooked - and then it rains. I watched the neighbor across the street run out to her grill using an umbrella to check her dinner.

Not taking the laptop but have a note pad I'll jot things down. Have the batteries for the camera recharged and will take lots of pictures. I should be back late Monday or early Tuesday.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And A Camping I will Go

In a week I head out to Council Grove KS, with Eggcarto and 4 nights at the Canning Creek Campground on the lake north of town. I'll be joining the Kansas Kampers. The group was started by Bob and his wife, four years ago as a way for them to get together with other folks who have vintage trailers. Bob and his wife own a Serro Scotty vintage travel trailer. Mine isn't vintage yet, but the gathering is open to folks with all kinds of trailers. There will be another Casita brand trailer there, Bob from Emporia KS.

The weather has allowed me to get some work done on the trailer. I have installed new LED brake lights, putting new latches on some of the cabinets, installing an under-the counter mount for my TV at the back of the trailer, done lots of waxing, and painted my propane tanks. Next week new tires, wheel bearings checked, clean and pack. I took the cover off today and WOW that sure is a pretty trailer all waxed up.

Am getting some summer projects on the trailer lined up too. Truck is getting worked on too over the next couple of months. All of the work is regular maintenance but want to keep Big Red going and going and going for a long long time.

We had a nice all day (and some night) rain on Easter Sunday. It's been 3 or 4 months since we had a good rain. Our snows this winter were slim to none. That inch rain on Easter Sunday has really encouraged the grass to start showing itself. I am watching the dogwood trees to see if there is going to be life this year. I brought these trees home last year from my trip to the southern states. They had a rough time with the hot sun during the summer and then to adjust to the cold. Am starting to have my doubts about their survival. Am going to be disappointed.

Also was busy planting the flower boxes for the front of the house. And, of course, I had to get myself some lantanas. They are planted in large pots out front also. I bought Jim a tomato plant so he could (hopefully) have some fresh tomatoes this year. Am having to replace two boxwood shrubs. They have a rough time getting through the winter and are subject to freeze burn. Looks like the majority of them are getting acclimatized and are going to spring back faster than last year.

Bring on Spring so that I can sit back and enjoy the yard this summer!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Have Moved Up a Few Notches in TV Viewing!

Welcome, Emily, to the early 21st century (I think). I have a 19 inch HD flat screen TV. Wow, it's beautiful. My previous 20 (+ or slightly -) year old TV just started going. That thing was made before TV's were made cable-ready, so I had to use a converter. I eventually got a VCR player and used that to connect my TV to cable systems. I am not much of a TV watcher so, maybe, that's why it lasted so long. It's lasted thru 8 or 10 moves in it's life, has been dropped on the floor and has had almost everything imaginable placed on top of it, since it was so wide on top.

The new one is so small and absolutely no room to put things on top of it, so won't make memories of putting stuff on top. When the old one started going, I got the 13 incher from the trailer. That one was a challenge to get out as it has been hanging on two flat braided straps from the back cabinet for the last 6 or 7 years and has traveled unpteen thousands of miles hanging from those two straps, bouncing along the roadways of where ever that little trailer has been (it was secured when traveling). I've put 18,000 miles on it since I started traveling with it two years ago. So it sat in front of the old Zenith TV, until the new one that my kids and housemate Jim got me came in. Am installing an under the counter bracket for the 13 incher once the weather warms up.

Now, the new Sanyo sits in the spot of "TV honor". I have finally got it set up and understanding the channel system - that if I delete one digital channel, I delete the subs; but, I can delete as many analog channels as I want and don't lose any others. Took me 4 resettings to get that thru my brain! And the music channels, WOW, there are so many of them (38)and they are listed under the digital channel numbers. It took me all of one afternoon to match the stations coming thru the TV with the list provided by our cable provider - they didn't match in the same order so it was listen to the music and find the category I thought the music was in and bring up the playlist. Nope not that one, try this one and so on. Then I would reverse my process. It was fun as I didn't have anything else to do, weather was lousy outside and I was home from work with an allergy cold. I still have 10 to match up.

Wow, Jim and I watching the Country Music Awards and my TV presentation is about 2 seconds behind his. My picture is better though, so am staying here (besides Jim doesn't like commercials so he flicks the channels - drives me bananas).

Well, this is my "excitement" for now. Am still working and getting closer to the required "1250 working hours in the previous 12 months" that my big-box employer requires in order to take personal leave. Still pisses me off. I should be close to the required "hours" around Memorial weekend - just when I don't like to travel. I'll be taking 4 days off the end of this month and heading over to Council Grove KS, with the trailer, to meet up with the Kansas Kampers. Will report on that after the event.