Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Out With The Old and In With The New

2009 is just hours away. And I truly hope that the New Year for all of you is good to you and that you have good health. Today is my daughter's 40 birthday, one that is very special to Juno - as she relates in her blog you can click on to the right under Contributors. She and her brother, Jim who lives in New Mexico, are what their dad and I are most proud of. Okay, we are just like a lot of parents I know, but it still gives me a lump in my throat when I think about them.

Well, I said in a couple of blog entries ago that I felt changes were coming and they are. First, I have moved into my little house that my ex lives in, in the same little town. We are HOUSEMATES. Juno was at that point where she didn't need her mom living with her anymore! So, at the ripe age of 66, I moved out of my daughter's house (instead of into). Since my ex and I took that 5 week trip together to Texas and New Mexico a few months back, and we didn't kill each other, we figured we could live under the same roof. So far we are doing pretty good. I have everything in my bedroom except the kitchen and bathroom, so I spend a lot of time in my bedroom when home. We have always gotten along, just couldn't live together as husband and wife and we still don't want to live that way - as husband and wife - so don't get any ideas.

The other change is that I won't be taking off this winter. At least for awhile anyway. The big box company I work for, made changes in their requirement for being able to take a Personal Leave of Absence, which is what I was taking the last several years. What can I say, they make the rules and have their reasons. Now they require an associate to have a minimum of 1250 working hours in the previous 12 months prior to the leave date. I had only 870 hours at the first of December and at 30 hours average per week, it takes awhile to accumulate that much time now. So I re-grouped my thinking, after fuming for awhile. I visited with the store manager and he was very helpful with some options to consider.

I will keep working for awhile. I still have to pay off my truck and had half-heartily been paying more on the payments so I would pay it off sooner. Well, I am really going to accelerate those payments and get it paid off by the end of summer. There I said it so now I have to hold myself to it. I will take some time off in April - 2 or 3 weeks- and head west. The end of summer comes and bye-bye work and hello full retirement - and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this works out. So the New Year's Resolution is PAY THE TRUCK OFF and don't come up with other projects to "work" for.

Think it's going to work out for the good for me anyway and with the economy the way it is right, now I feel it's best for me to take a "wait and see" stance for awhile.

Make a good New Year's Resolution and stick to it this coming year. Best wishes to all of you this coming year. As it gets closer to April, I'll fill you in on my desert plans.

A great sweatshirt I got from my friend Sarah:

A quote credited to Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

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