Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thoughts & Collections

Seems like I have used that theme before. It's good then.

We made it home on Wednesday, Oct 15th in time to rest a little and, as I mentioned in the previous entry, attend daughter's first modeling debut. I am back at work with one week down and 10 or 11 to go.

Last Thursday morning, my friend Bonnie called me (I saw her in Kentucky on my previous trip) to tell me her breast cancer is back for the 7th time. She's one tough cookie (more on this in another posting), so my trip in January will include a visit to her out at her home in California. That will probably be my first goal.

The weather has been beautiful since we got home. I made a trip down to Dodge City to see my friends Sarah and Sherry, before starting work. We had fun just enjoying a leisure morning together.

The trip was a good one and I am very happy that Jim was so glad to see his youngest brother, Scott. When he laid eyes on Scott for the first time, that just made everything worth while. I just wish I hadn't gotten sick so we could have included his middle brother Ken. I didn't want to risk taking something to them, if it was contagious. But, we'll work on that. We had some funny moments, like with the raccoon; some happy moments, like with being brother Scott and with son; some interesting moments like me learning to be patient with someone else in the trailer with me. Best, I think was seeing Jim be able to get out of his little world at home and enjoy himself.

It will be interesting to see how the holiday season plays out in the retail environment, whether we are as busy as in the past. I am seeing a few Christmas things go past my register, but not near the decorations as normally see at this time. Tomorrow is Halloween, so that may spur some buying. It will be interesting to see how the economy does over the next several months after the elections, how much longer will we be in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lots of interesting things coming up. But, even with the feds lowering the interest rates to spur borrowing, I think it is foolish to wrap oneself up in more debt at this time. If it helps to lower one's monthly IOU's that could be a blessing. I am just waiting to see before I do anything.

You all have a good Thanksgiving and Christmas and I'll be back towards the end of December after everything plays out.

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