Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sights on Socorro!

Wednesday, 10/01/08

Slept in again and was awakened by the Park Patrol checking on our registration. We hadn’t paid yet as the clerk in the office said wait until morning as they didn’t like to have money left in the paying tube overnight.

We have been watching the wild life - quail, roadrunners - and just enjoying the quietness around. There was a man, Rick and his dog Lady, from Ajo AZ with his little 13’ Scamp trailer parked near us and we met him last night. Scamps are also fiberglass trailers like mine.

Here is a picture of the markers I mentioned in the previous post:

Jim is getting anxious to see his son, so we’ll call him tonight to see if we can come up a couple of days early. Jim has been doing pretty good on this trip, doing something he’s never done before. He’s not really ever liked to travel either so I have to give him a big pat on the back at how well he’s done. We talked with son and we’ll be heading his way on Friday.

Thursday - 10/2/08

Taking a leisure day. Went up to the library in Columbus and posted my recent entry on the blog, Jim picked out some books for sale at the library and is busy reading them now. I just finished a leisure lunch and finishing up another Lisa Scottoline book “Dead Ringer”. I am sitting under the awning and hear this funny noise behind me - not exactly a rat-a-tat-tat sound but close and I see a roadrunner on the top of the pickup cab! He is catching bugs as they fly by and did a good job of catching several while he was up there. I asked him to quietly get my camera. Meanwhile, the roadrunner jumped down on the back cover and caught a few more. Just as Jim was handing me the camera, he jumped off, ran about 5 yards and jumped up in midair and caught another bug.

It’s around 85 degrees in the shade with a nice breeze blowing, pretty comfortable. I did learn this morning at the SP office, that a fellow solo Casitian was here and left Monday. He is currently, they told me, up at Rock Hound SP which is just up the road towards Deming about 20 miles. He goes by the name of Dutchman and I thought I would drive up there later this afternoon and see if he is around. I have been wanting to meet him for a couple of years now and I am finally in the area he is in. He is a full-timer and spends his winters down in this area.

Friday - 10/3/08

We attempted to find the Dutchman today on our way to Socorro, but he had left Rock Hound Park and had headed north, I learned later - up in to the mountains area around Silver City. Next time I’ll catch him.

We stopped at Denny’s in Deming and had a brunch. It sure tasted good. I love crunchy hash browns and that’s just the way they fixed them. I was a happy camper. From Deming we headed northeast on a cutoff to I-25 at Hatch NM - famous for its perfect chili, nice and hot. Somewhere after leaving Deming we encountered what must have been a swarm of locust. The road was just littered with grasshopper parts as thick as the pavement. It was gross. There were whole bodies along the side of the road and occasionally they would hop up and get on the hood of the truck. This went on for 10 miles.

As we got closer to Hatch, the chili harvest was in its final stages and there were many places along the road to the Interstate that were selling the chili. One vendor was using his corrugated metal roof to dry his chili pods out.

From Hatch we headed north to Socorro and got into son’s around 3 p.m. He was waiting for us. Is so good to see him. It’s now Sunday. I did discover on Friday, after unloading the trailer, that “grasshopper parts” are all over the passenger side of the trailer and the truck’s mud flaps! Gross. Guess what is going thru the car wash next week?

Son and I just took a drive out on what is known as the Quebradas (kay-brah’das), which means “breaks”, Background Byway
- a scenic drive among colored cliffs, arroyos and rock formations. We had had rain during the night and had been having sprinkles/rain off and on all morning. The road is a 24-mile graded dirt road and it travels across BLM land. At some points turning around and looking at the rain squalls coming at us was pretty, but. . . . . . . We got to a sign that said the road was best done in 4-wheel drive or high clearance vehicles, so we decided to turn back since son’s car is a Focus. We hoped to get off the dirt road before too much rain hit us and got us stranded or one of the washes filled up with water. We made it and back to Socorro.

Friday night, we went to my favorite place to get a good pizza (and other delicious meals) at Socorro Springs Restaurant & Brewery (see My Favorite or Interesting Places, to the right and click on their web site - their menu does take Adobe 7.0). My favorite is the Elfego - pepperoni pizza with Hatch chili on top. Their pizzas are baked in their pecan wood fired ovens; and, I had not one but two glasses of Pumpkin beer (a popular seasonal beer)!

Tonight, we went to El Sombrero, my favorite Mexican Food restaurant. I had two soft tacos with shredded beef and a side of soapillias the way I like soapillias, not made from tortillas dropped in a deep fat fryer. Now it’s home and time to watch Amazing Race on TV.

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