Sunday, October 19, 2008

One More Entry, but not Today, Later

We got home on Wednesday, Oct 15th just exhausted to a longer drive than I like to do - 4-5 hours is my limit. Have spent Thursday and Friday unloading and cleaning the inside of the trailer.

While we were gone, I had a neighbor tear down an old, old wooden shed in the back yard leaving a nice concrete pad to park the trailer on - maybe. It's wide enough and sits parallel to the alley. I'll have to do some playing around for the next few months to figure out how best to utilize the pad. Meanwhile, I am replacing the pigtails for the propane tanks, doing a little more rust removal and painting, getting the trailer winterized before it really gets cold - which it's suppose to start sometime this week. My dinette table is back up and the solar panel is putting a bit of extra charge to the battery to make it thru the winter months. I don't take my battery out of the trailer but the occasional charge from the solar panel seems to help it. The closet is stocked with clothes and ready for the next trip, my food replenishment list has been made and the cleaning inside makes it ready to roll come January (I hope). I have a few other little projects to work on but that's later.

Saturday, was the local Day of Caring for local breast cancer survivors. My daughter, Juno, is a 3-year survivor and she was debuting as one of the models in the show. I tried getting some pictures of her on the runway, but due to still some digital camera ignorance, I didn't get any real good pictures of her. But I did get one that I played around with and really like, even though it is blurry everywhere, but her face is so beautiful (can't tell I am a proud mom can you).

It's back to work on Saturday, the 25th and I will work thru the holiday season until sometime after January 1. Meanwhile, where am I going next? That time of year, well. . . . . where it is warm! And, I hope to include a visit to see my brother out in So. Cal. I'll wrap up sometime this week with the final blog for this trip, thoughts, etc.

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  1. Emily, I am curious about how you all manage in such a small trailer? Did you sell your home? Enough space in the Casita? Any info. you give will be useful. I'm thinking of downsizing significantly.