Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can You Smell It? It's a Chili Night here in Amarillo.

Pacific Hurricane Norbert sure has made the day miserable for this part of the country. We spent Saturday night in Roswell, NM at a very nice RV Park - Town & Country RV Park -More later.

It started raining on us shortly before we got to Lincoln NM, then let up until we got to the RV Park. Then it became a dodging game getting set up between rain showers. In a few hours we learned the area we were in was under a Tornado Watch until around midnight. It rained off and on during the night. We left around 9:30 a.m., again getting ready to leave between rain showers. On the road, it was almost 100% rain until we got here at the Amarillo TX KOA campground, east of the city. I am getting better from my Friday episode, but driving in the rain tired me out after 4 or so hours of driving. We may stay here Monday night also as there is another storm coming right behind Norbert. Probably do me some good to rest another day anyway. It's a very nice KOA - away from Interstate noises, cattle surround the place, and you don't really hear the jets taking off nearby - and I ended up having the manager back me in - whew, he did it in one swoosh. I gotta practice some more at home! There aren't many trees so this place could be hot during the hot time of the year. The restrooms and showers are clean.

Monday, Columbus Day. It was cold this morning with a cold front that went thru during the night. Suppose to get up around 54 here today. Since we have one/two extra days, we are going to stay here a couple more nights until it warms back up again before heading home. There are some things to see, if we want, that are close to us here.

A Scamp trailer parked in the space behind us last night. They are from Tennessee. Haven't met them yet. It's almost check-out time and they are still hooked up to water and electricity, so assume they are staying another night.

On our trip to here, we stopped in Lincoln NM to see the territory of Billy the Kid. We visited the courthouse where he was tried and escaped from, learned about the Lincoln Country Wars that took place between two mercantile owners. Jim had said that he always imagined the area where the LC Wars took place, was flat and not in a low mountainous area. The drive to Roswell was pretty with the trees changing color. The area is high desert and you gradually drop down to a lower elevation. If I had been to the Roswell area, I didn't remember it.

The Roswell RV Park we stayed at - Town & Country - is very nice and a Good Sam Park. I would recommend it to others that could find themselves in this area. Yes, one is close to their neighbor, but it's a nice park that I have considered staying at sometime in the future. It is quiet, not close to a major highway or interstate. The rest rooms and showers are clean. The shower stalls are big - even bigger than the one at my son's place! And, hooks, lots of hooks. I have never been in a shower stall with so many hooks.

Roswell, is known for the Roswell UFO sighting back in 1947. The city has "themed" itself on that, in fact, catch the City's street lights in the picture I took. Roswell has an interesting history and is the birth place of Demi Moore and John Denver - learn something new all the time. Frank Joyce, a radio DJ at the time, who interviewed the rancher W.W. Brazel, changed Roswell for ever. He died recently at the age of 85.

Here are a few pictures I took after leaving Socorro: Son, dad and mom and the famous Owl Bar in San Antonio.

Not much to report on our activities since deciding to stay because of the rain. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel yesterday and today I went to get gas - that's about all the activity, besides walking around the trailer and

outside when the rain has let up. We are ready to get home Wednesday.

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