Monday, September 22, 2008

We think it's Thursday, 9/19 (we lose track of time)

We stopped and got some gas in Aspermont and I asked the lady at the counter about camping parks south of Abilene in the Brownwood area. She said her favorite was in the Proctor Lake area over near Comanche. As she was telling me about it, a nice looking gentleman, around my age, was standing beside me (I am not married to Jim and I can still recognize a nice looking man no matter what age he is, especially if he is wearing Wrangler jeans - that one is for you Brenda, back at work).. As she finished telling me everything, he asked if the Casita was mine and I said Yes. To make a nice conversation short, he is Ken from California with a daughter in Oklahoma and he was on his way to Rice TX to pick up his brand new 13 foot Casita. So we talked for a while longer.

We continued on our trek on US380 coming across a lot of wide open spaces, huge cultivated fields that currently had just been planted or were being readied to have something planted. This area was very flat. We went thru a couple of very nice, neat little towns, Haskell comes to mind as one of them. At Throckmorton we turned south on US283/183 towards Breckenridge and Cisco located on I-20.

So far on this trip, we have come across 6 wind farms between Oklahoma and Texas. Apparently another in Texas is being built as we encountered 6 trucks with the bases between Breckenridge and Cisco. Most of them we saw while we were having lunch at a picnic area south of Breckenridge.

We got here at Proctor Lake, at another COE campground called Copperas Park Thursday evening. Even with the confusing instructions in my Corp. campground directory it was still hard to find the place. Come to find out the Texas DOT District office in Brownwood took all the signs down around 3 years ago because they weren’t breakaway signs. They never got put back up! But, apparently all the signs for Brownwood Lake State Park got put back up as breakaway signs! I am going to write a letter to the Texas Dept. of Transportation when I get home; and, see if I stay at Brownwood Lake State Park. Humph! We had to ask at a convenience store down the road and he even expressed his disgust with the TDOT.

The campground is located not too far from Commanche, on US67/377. It is an interesting town, with the lots of cowboy history. The courthouse is in the center with businesses located around the courthouse, but with a western atmosphere. We originally were going to stay 3 nights, but liked it so much we added another night and will head towards San Antonio on Monday instead.

We got some laundry done (and I might say at the cleanest and best Laundromat I have encountered on my travels), some grocery shopping done, and a whole lot of just relaxing and enjoying the lake view and meeting people.

A couple next to us, Dewaine and Stella, have two little dogs Tina and Tana who are sisters. They recently turned 4 years old, so when in Brownwood Saturday, I picked up a small cake, a number “4” candle and some doggie bones for small dogs. We had a “birthday party” for the dogs Saturday night. Unfortunately, some “uninvited guests” drove us inside as those mosquitos are Texas size ones. Dewaine and Stella don’t live too far away but like to get away from time to time. They have a big Winnebago. Kind of makes Eggcarto look pretty small by comparison. We have really had an enjoyable time visiting with them. We exchanged e-mail addresses and hope to stay in touch with them from time to time.

Today, Sunday, I have been rearranging my kitchen area. The rack on the back wall over the sink was looking crappy, so I got rid of it and replaced it with one of those wire baskets with suction cups to hold the dish and hand soaps, etc. They do stay up pretty good while going down the road. I have 5 of them in the bathroom and very seldom have had one fall. I just have one more project to do and that is how do I want to hang my cooking utensils. I have several ideas, so that will be my next project. I still have plenty of projects to work on.

I got Jim a 4” memory foam pad, while in Brownwood yesterday, to add to the foam pads I had fixed up before leaving home (the existing was just too hard and his back hurt quite a bit when he got up in the morning). We cut it down to a smaller width, but now with 11 inches of padding (I had to leave the cushions there as didn’t have room in the truck to store them until I got home) he has to use a stool to get up on the bed. He slept much better last night, he said and no sore back this morning. I still need to trim the end down by the bathroom door so it’s not such a strain to open the door against the mattress.

Most of the people that came in Friday night have left the campground, so it has quieted down. It really wasn’t that noisy - a few boats on the lake, some water skiers. It sure was nice this morning sitting in the shade, sipping coffee and watching all those who had go get home so they could go to work tomorrow drive by us. We waved.

Am getting ready to take a shower. We have another load or two of things to wash at the Laundromat, then we’ll grab a bit to eat in town afterwards and start getting ready to leave tomorrow after we get back. I like to do what I can the night before so it doesn’t take so long in the morning. We should be out of here at my usual time of around 10 a.m.

We will be heading down towards San Antonio but staying another night on the road before seeing Jim’s brother Scott.

PS Here is picture of footprints on the back of my truck from the raccoon that harassed us at Copper Breaks.

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