Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Plans Change (Again)

We are off towards San Antonio now - switching back. We talked with brother Scott and he said they didn’t even get one drop of rain nor any gusts of wind from Hurricane Ike. Since it’s 2-1/2 weeks before son expects us to visit him, we have the time. We’ll take six days or so to get there, spending some time at different places - relaxing, doing laundry, restocking the food supply, figuring out how we can make Jim’s bed more comfortable and his sleeping warmer (him checking to see if the window is open would help). Darn, probably means I will be giving up my electric blanket I was hoarding for myself for when it really got cold.

We are in Aspermont TX at a little 5 slot RV Park in this town of, maybe, less than 2000 souls. And I have WiFi so am catching up on stuff. We had a very, very late lunch early early dinner at their local DQ, got some groceries and ice.

It’s awful dang flat for most of the travels today, lots of dairy farms and crops grown to support that industry. As we turned onto US380, the country changed into the “caprock” country - lots of draws, gullies and streams. You didn’t see hide nor hair of anything or anyone. We went thru a little town of Clairemont, shown on the map and it is a bunch of dilapidating buildings on the highway and a few souls standing and talking to each other (I think)in front of a machine shop - no store, no post office, no gas station, nada. But, it had a sign announcing your arrival to Clairemont. And, when you left.

We have a few chores to do outside before tucking ourselves in for the night. Tomorrow we’ll be over in the Texas Hill Country, which I know from experience can be quite beautiful in the Springtime. I don’t think we will have any more raccoon experiences tonight.

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