Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Only One More Day to Get Ready

We WILL be ready to leave sometime Thursday morning (9/11). I finally finished the black water tank vent, after getting a new pop rivet gun. This one works like it is suppose to. The clothes are going in as well as the food supplies. Oh gosh, I am starting to get giddy.

The trailer won't get washed but maybe as we get closer to the San Antonio area, Hurricane Ike will take care of that for me. I have been watching the progress of the Hurricane as it moves towards the Texas coast; and, it's expected arrival time is around the time we had planned on being in the San Antonio area - we are actually going to Sequin. We may take one or two extra days getting down there and staying a bit longer in southwest Oklahoma until it looks okay to venture forward (er southward) - or, we may reverse our plans and head to Phoenix first. That's what nice about not having a schedule. But, if brother Scott needs us to come down we will do that too.

The weather has been unusually chilly here the last week or so. The trees are starting to lose their nice green color and changing to a dull green. A tree in my yard has already started shedding and turning it's pretty yellow color. We are packing clothes for cool, cold and hot weather.

I have one more doctor visit tomorrow. Summertime is when I get all my checkups and they are all pretty much turning out pretty good. The surgeon that did my 5-year colonoscopy checkup told me "to keep doing whatever I have been doing, as I am in better shape than I was 5 years ago!" WOW. That's great news for one in their mid-60's.

Well, until somewhere down the road. . . . . .

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