Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Almost Time

Just a little under a week to go and am off again. It's been somewhat a busy summer and the pace has picked up the last couple of weeks. I am still working Friday thru Mondays so my prep work is done during my days off. I am just too exhausted to do much after work.

First, I am concerned about my new friends I made on the last trip who live along the Gulf Coast. I just hope and pray they are okay and have not suffered themselves. I hope to hear from them sometime down the road.

Little Eggcarto has been getting a going over. At the start of the trip earlier this year, I encountered the tail end of a blizzard in southeastern Kansas and drove through lots of brine on the roadways. That's a great setup for rust if it isn't removed right away. Unfortunately, I had that accident on my first day of the trip, when I fell right onto my tailbone and fractured it. I couldn't do anything until the second night (and probably shouldn't have), and that was enough time for the brine to start working.

I have about two-thirds of the rust on the frame scraped and painted with Rusteolum; lite bulbs have been replaced or cleaned and checked out; a light bulb in the brake lite above the back window burned out and is being replaced (only to discover it wasn't the bulb but apparently some loose wiring which will need to be fixed, ugh); am putting screens over the propane vents to keep the mud daubers out; I replaced the trailer's emergency brake cord as the old one was rusting through; my new bed area has been finished and I have made the side dinette area into another bed for my passenger. The vent cap, on top for the black water tank, crumbled due to age and exposure to sunlight. Had a spare vent cap and started to put it on, having to drill new holes in the fiberglass to fit the new top for the rivets, when I discovered my pop rivet gun doesn't work! Ugh, another delay getting things done."Eggie" does need a good bath though, so hopefully will get that in before leaving.

Then there is the packing - food and some clothes - and making sure I have taken care of everything here at home, and the truck is ready to go too. My list of "to dos" keeps getting longer rather than shorter. Hopefully, that changes here in a few days!

I mentioned a passenger a couple of paragraphs ago. Yes, I will have one this time. He is my ex-husband and we still happen to be friends. Jim has a younger brother in the San Antonio area he hasn't seen for several decades; and, a middle brother in Phoenix he hasn't seen for 10-15 years. Jim has been wanting to see his brothers for sometime now but isn't really able to take the task on by himself. So we are heading south to visit the brothers. We'll take in brother Scott first, then wander around west Texas - visiting down near the Rio Grande River, heading up to Fort Davis, then up around Lincoln NM over to the Phoenix area to see brother Ken, then back over towards Socorro to see our son Jim around his birthday time in late September. While there we will take in the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in early October, then head home in time to get the trailer winterized (though may have to do it before we get home since Fall all ready seems to be here!); and, then head back to work for the holidays until January.

That's it for now. Will post another page before I leave.

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