Saturday, September 13, 2008

Delay due to Fog

We didn’t make it very far today. Currently, we are at the Elk Creek RV Park in Elk City OK. It’s nice, clean, showers and rest rooms are clean, but we are packed in. (The price is reasonable for cable & WiFi - $22.50 with Sam’s discount) The main reason I am here is to catch up on Hurricane Ike, how and if it affected brother Scott in San Antonio, use of WiFi to catch my blog up and so Jim can watch the multiple number of football games that he is watching!

We didn’t get away until noon as I wanted to keep an eye on the fog that had settled in and preferred not to drive in unfamiliar territory in fog - besides we might miss seeing something. I haven’t quite gotten into a “hitch-up” routine yet and it’s probably because am sharing some of the chores and teaching Jim to do some easy things.

We drove south on US283, a fairly nice highway and nicer when you get closer to Cheyenne OK. The topography is rolling hills, cattle ranching, grasslands, sage and what looks like scrub oak. We pretty much followed the route that Custer did when he left Fort Supply to go after the Cheyenne Indians, so I imagined what it was like in this country in the winter with snow on the ground.

We did stop at the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site at Cheyenne on OK 47A. It is a fairly new facility, an excellent program on what took place here where Chief Black Kettle was killed, along with his wife, a very knowledgeable staff person by the name of Crystal. There is a self-guiding trail where you can drive around the Black Kettle National Grassland and see where Chief Black Kettle’s camp was. For those interested, there is food, lodging, an RV park at the City Park and a privately owned one; plus gas. The town is small but very, very neat and clean and shows an obvious pride by the locals.

Since it’s just 20 or so miles north of Sayre, located on I-40, we popped over here to this RV Park. Elk City has the Route 66 Museum, which looks interesting, plus we learned there is a museum to Beutler Bros located on the property. We might go see that since we are familiar with the company as they have supplied rodeo stock for the Phillipsburg KS PRCA rodeo forever!

I fixed a supper of baked potato and salad and now we are just relaxing. We only have a couple of hours drive tomorrow to Copper Breaks State Park.

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