Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ya I Know, I've Been Stalling. . . . . .

Writing about the Antiques Roadshow; but I wanted to include Sarah's birthday too and I had to wait for that to happen to include it. Okay here is the souvenir picture Juno and I got so you know we were there:
Now guess what, we were there just a bit longer than it took you to read this far! No, we were there from the time we walked through the door, went through all the checks, got our subject tickets, visited the appraisers and visited with the show sponsors, all in one hour and 10-15 minutes! What a bummer.

After we entered the door we were checked for tickets and items, we then walked across this large room to the next check point. As we walked across the first large room, we saw stanchions with rope across the room. We later learned this is where the "snake line" is and where you stand in line for two or three hours. Here we were just walking by it straight to the next checkpoint. Here we were issued "subject tickets" (furniture, paintings, Native American, etc) and escorted to our first stop.

The production room is huge and consists of a huge circle. Sections are dedicated to the various subject areas and the specialty appraisers are located there. My first stop was to the Jewelry as I had some costume jewelry. As I am squeezed between two people trying to hear what the appraiser said. I heard: costume jewelry, late 18th or early 19th Century, seed pearls are real but the sapphires are artificial and the metal has had a gold wash. Knew some of that, guessed at others and the appraisal was where I figured it would be. My paternal grandmother sent me this set of costume jewelry after she had visited us and seen her very first great grand children, back in 1969 or 70. No story on how or where she had acquired it - probably on one of her worldly travels.

On the way over to the Painting section, we saw how they did the spots that show someone with an item. In the center of the large circle, is another much smaller circle where the cameras are located. Around that circle are four spots where the selected items are featured. I think someone told me they can do several spots at a time. That's why you see people standing in line behind the featured spot. They do something like 30 to 50 of those.

At the Paintings table, Juno's appraiser looked at her sketch book done by someone back in the late 1800's who was on a safari with, assumed, her great great step-grandfather. It's beautifully done and there are a few water colorings in it. The Appraiser had a bit of trouble figuring out who the artist is, since everything that is written in the sketch book is in German. But she gave her a range and suggested getting the German translated to add more value.

She looked at the water color I am holding in the picture above and gave me a nice range for it. It is done by my step-grandfather when he was in his 20's. Unfortunately, there isn't much to judge his water colorings on as he was known more for his metal sculptures. After our visits, we were kind of ushered towards the exit. There we signed up for drawings by the event sponsors and to have the above souvenir picture taken. Juno did win an AR t-shirt. Then out the exit door we went at 8:30. Sorry no pictures as they don't allow them. Juno and I looked at each other and said, "Now What?"

We went to a Farmers Market in Old Town and I picked up some produce. Juno bought some excellent Y'et Yet BBQ Sauce and I bought some Jalapeno Salsa. From there we went and had a breakfast at an old fashioned soda fountain in Old Town. We both had eggs smothered in Monterry Jack cheese with real New Mexico green chili on top and hash browns. Guess what? We weren't hungry until dinner time.

Back to the trailer we went, we ended up taking naps for a couple of hours waiting for the rain to subside or quit. Just when we thought it would and try and decide what to do, it would start pouring again. Finally, around 3 p.m. we were so bored, we said the heck with it and went to the Botanic Gardens.
It was so nice and beautiful and we only got caught once in the rain.

On the way home, we had dinner at Strouds, just a few miles north of the RV Park we were staying in, and indulged in pan-fried chicken. Oh yum yum. The next morning we were up and gone around 8:30. Juno was soooooo glad to see her doggy. She missed him so much. So, in hind sight: if I had known we would get through so fast with an 8 a.m. door time, we would have stayed in Wichita only one night. The USI RV Park was a bit pricey for me and for what it offered. It was clean and quiet and the rest rooms and showers were exceptionally clean and the hosts were very friendly. But then, we wouldn't have gone to Botanic Gardens and some yum yum chicken. We might have done the Farmers Market and breakfast thing. I am glad we did it though, don't get to do those kind of things very often. I liked doing something with Juno too. Even though I live with her we don't do many things together.

So that's my Antiques Roadshow experience.


I thought her birthday was on the 22nd, instead it is the 23rd. Oh well. Sarah and Sherry had said they wanted some beads from Mardi Gras. I just couldn't give them strands of beads, could I? No, no, no not for those two.

So, thanks to Jeri in Baton Rouge and the wall plaque made by her son, I made a dish using some of the beads I collected. There was a basic pattern and then I just filled in as my spirit willed. Well, knowing the girls do recycling, I had to keep going with all those beads I had, so I bought some recyclable bags and decorated them.

And here is Sarah with her plate and recycled bags and Sherry with her recycled bags. Note: they both have bead necklaces on that I got at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, thanks to Jeri.
We went out to dinner at Applebee's and ended up getting our meals comp'd because it took so long. We had fun catching up back at Sarah's house and ate some delicious cake and ice cream. Sherry left around 10:30 and it wasn't much longer before Sarah and I were heading to bed. Wow, those wild party nights just end too soon!

That's my July. I have been working on things to get ready for the next trip in September to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. More on that later. It's been so hot and uncomfortable, that I haven't forced myself to work on the rust on the frame of the trailer, but I have one-half of the back third done!

Don't know when the Wichita Antiques Roadshow will air but do know it will be early spring and it will be three one-hour shows. We have to watch it to see what we missed. Juno had a high school classmate go and also a former work colleague. We'll have to watch for them.

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