Friday, April 25, 2008

To be or Not To Be. . . .

my last day on the road.

From Harrison, I couldn't make up my mind of whether to stay on US-412 and head into Oklahoma or stay on US-62. I ended up staying on US-62 and headed up through Berryville, to Eureka Springs and then up into Missouri on MO-37. My target nightly destination was Winfield KS and try a Wal*Mart parking lot, get on the road early and get into home.

I was craving seeing some more Dogwood trees as I had fallen in love with them. So guess what? At Berryville AR, I stopped at a local nursery and BOUGHT two dogwood trees - a white one and a red one! The red one is sort of pinkish, so that one is for my two plus year Breast Cancer Survivor daughter to be planted in her back yard; and the second one I would plant at my little house, where I park my trailer.

Anyway, I headed to Winfield on US-160. I had heard on the radio about severe storms overnight in the area. Yuk, not again I thought. I don't want to stay in a Wal*Mart parking lot with winds buffeting me around and rain. Besides, I didn't want to drive on two-lane roads after dark and with possible storms, I also didn't really want to drive the Interstate home and through Wichita. Oh what should I do. I drove to Wellington, just along I-35 and decided to have dinner at Penny's Diner, a cute retro 50's era diner. I called my daughter and said "I am coming home!" "Are you sure you want to drive that far this late?", she said. "Sure, I am game."

Well, I did. Took I-35 thru Wichita (not bad) and headed to Salina, exited at the I-70 interchange and headed west. Just before the Sylvan Grove exit (#209 and 70 miles from home), daughter calls me and asks if there is lightening in the area. I said h_ _ _ _ _ _ _ is there lightening in the area! Well, she said, there are very red areas on radar close to the area you are in indicating a bad storm just up ahead. I pulled off at the exit to loosen my sway bar and just opened the truck door; and blam the wind blew the door shut pushing me back into the cab. And, just in time too as the clouds opened up with buckets!

I drove home with the sway bar still in its dry road position, me praying that I wouldn't have any trouble and trying to stay in the semi-trucks tire paths down the highway. It would rain and it would let up a bit and then pour again and then let up. When I finally got to the turn off for home, the rain had pretty much quit. I made it home at 11:55 p.m. with daughter and her dog Buster waiting for me. Buster wasn't quite sure who I was but by morning he remembered.

This past week, I have taken everything out of the trailer for cleaning - a thorough cleaning, ordered a new bed mattress that will be more comfortable since I am really serious about this long-term traveling now, and built a frame area for the mattress to keep it from sliding around. I am making plans for my September/October sojourn already; and, daughter and I are ready to plant the dogwood tree in her backyard, which we are doing tonight with her dad here. And the dogwood tree is planted!

Tomorrow will be my first day back at my part-time job. I can't wait until Labor Day weekend gets here when I'll be off again. Until some time later, happy summer days.

PS I fixed fried cabbage tonight. I thought it was good, but just a tad bit too much salt this time.

PPS Diana in last posting comment: Stay tuned and maybe, just maybe we'll run into each other out there and you with your Casita also. Emily

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