Monday, April 21, 2008

The Storms at Bowling Green

I left the Lexington area following the Kentucky Bluegrass Parkway, a beautiful drive along a scenic route with out Billboards. Again, the trees were budding out and I, again, continue to never tire of seeing nature’s beauty along the way.

Near Bardstown, I exited the Parkway to take US-31E toward Hodgenville, an area where Abraham Lincoln was born and spent his young childhood. I did see a log cabin that had been claimed by previous owners, before the Nat’l Park Service, that it was the log cabin Abe Lincoln was born in. This particular area, known as Knob Creek, is an area where Lincoln was born and raised and is the only Kentucky area he remembers as a youth. In 1998, Congress passed and the President signed legislation authorizing the area to be added to the NPS by “donation only.” Many organizations and the State of Kentucky contributed funds for the purchase of the 228-acre farm. Exactly three years later, the area became part of the NPS as a unit of the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site. The structure is currently closed but you can walk around the area during daylight hours

Also in the area, is where Stephen Foster wrote the song “My Old Kentucky Home” at Bardstown and Abe Lincoln’s National Historic Site and Visitor Center is near Hodgenville. Unforfuntately, I didn’t go the Visitor Center as I turned the wrong way on KY-61 and by the time I realized it and found a turnaround spot, I was almost back to the Parkway. It’s on my list of places to see next time I get to Kentucky.

Back on the now Western Kentucky Parkway, starting at Elizabethtown, the country side is open with still rolling hills but more acreage devoted to farming and cattle raising. I turned southward onto the Wm H. Natcher Parkway to Bowling Green. After a few wrong turns and finally understanding the road layout of Bowling Green, I made it to the KOA campground on the west side of town and near I-65.

Upon checking the weather forecast for the area, I decided to leave the trailer hooked up, as strong and severe storms, with possible tornadic activity, was expected sometime in the night. Oh it came. The winds were very high and the rains came. Was I surprised the next morning, while watching the local news on TV, about the high winds causing a lot of building and tree damage in the area especially in the town of Bowling Green. Poking my head outside the next morning to see if anything had happened at the campground - nope just a few twigs down, no trees down or rolled RV’s and little Eggcarto was still upright. Apparently, the west side of town escaped the damaging winds.

I decided to stay another night (weather was expected to be nice) and get caught up on my blog. I had been encouraged by some area Casita owners to pay a visit to the National Corvette Museum, so put that on my list of things to do for the day.
My, my what a Museum that is. Even if you are not into cars, it is still worth stopping to see when you are in the area. Remembering when the first ones came out, I spent more time reminiscing with the 50’s and 60’s Corvettes as they have been my favorites over the years. The displays are attractive and the history is interesting. I ended up buying a couple of T-shirts.

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