Saturday, April 12, 2008

All About Eating

This is about eating, eating and eating - some pretty good eatin’, Oh, where do I start - okay with desserts: I haven’t had a really good piece of cheesecake in the South, but Bonnie had the best blueberry cheesecake pie. She also made the best potato salad by the way. The best Key Lime pie was from Papa Joe’s Oyster Bar & Grill in Apalachicola FL. They also had the best hush puppies too. As for cakes, the best is a 4-layer Red Velvet from Joe’s BBQ in a little town of Menlo GA, if I remember right. Oh, can’t forget the bourbon balls from Keeneland Race Track and Woodford Reserve in the Lexington area. Bread pudding (warmed) with a bourbon sauce from Keeneland Race Track was (almost) to die for. Can’t pinpoint cobblers as they were all good - Southern's know how to make cobblers.

Loved the fried cabbage and johnnycakes from the little cafe at the Museum of Appalachia in Norris TN. The fresh green beans, chopped tomatoes, red onion and black-eyed peas combination on the buffet line at Blue Licks State Park Lodge in KY was a really combination. They also had the best white gravy. Jeri (LA) fixed a really good turnip and spinach dinner that I’d like to duplicate. I never did find any good fried chicken - the best to me is the original from KFC! It’s southern in origin. I loved the blackened shrimp Geri (FL) let me try in Apalachicola. The best rolls I had were from the Blue Licks Lodge. Oh, Bonnie had a California cut to a top sirloin that was seasoned and grilled and was so tender.

And, I cannot forget the tea - I am finally getting use to asking for unsweetened tea! It sounds like that is all I have been doing is eating - you're right!

Well,am headed to western KY and TN, slowly working my way home and doing some sightseeing too. I went to the National Corvette Museum, here in Bowling Green yesterday. More on that later when I catch up.

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