Thursday, March 13, 2008

This and That before Leaving Here

Hi, it's my last week here before moving on - either because it was the plan or because of Juno's news from her biopsy.

Last Friday evening, Geri, her friend and I went over to St George Island for a silent auction activity preceding the Chili-Cook-Off. Since I wasn't driving, I got to see the beautiful sunset over the Bay (and two dolphins playing in the water) from the St George Bridge. Unfortunately, the dolphins are below the bridge railing so you can't see them.

Saturday afternoon we went back over and participated in some of the Chili Cook-Off activities - mostly tasting chili samples (Juno & Jim, I like mine better.). I had one beer and one funnel cake. You couldn't have asked for better weather for the event.
Great weather for strolling too, huh Geri?

After I got back, I took a nap. Decided I needed a few more groceries and coming back I was so glad that I did. The sun, in its just above the horizon stage, took on the most beautiful hot pink, or hot rose color. I am not use to seeing such a magenta based colored sun going down, or even if I have ever seen that color. As it was going down, the white striping on the side of the highway turned a pink color. There probably are those reflective pieces in the paint and they picked up the color. As the sun went down further, it became more of a purple/blue based globe. I had to pull over to the side of the road between bridges to watch it. There were a few people taking pictures of it and I wished that I had had my camera. But, I didn't think a quick trip to the grocery store would produce such a beautiful sight.

Monday - Today daughter goes to Wichita for her biopsy.
Only thing I am doing today is to get a propane tank filled. I'll probably finish reading my book by Joanne Fluke - this one is Key Lime Pie Murder. I just love her books because she includes the delicious recipes in her books; and, in this book there is a sumptuous Key Lime Pie recipe and since I am in Key Lime Pie country (should be the Florida State Pie, if it isn't) I am going to try the recipe.

Tuesday, The good news is in my previous posting but bears repeating - No cancer! Oh, the day was such a good one. I went over to St George Island and just sat on the beach after the area storm had passed by. The waves were still rolling in from the storm and they gave me such a good feeling - the energy from them. I celebrated the good news and went to El Jalisco Restaurant in Apalachicola.

Wednesday, today I started getting ready to leave Friday morning. Weather for tomorrow night and Friday looks like it is going to be a wet one with strong possibilities of rain at night and during the day. Am trying to do as much as I can now before the rains start; and. hopefully the rain showers are intermittent.

I have really had a restful time here. My tailbone is doing good and each day it seems a bit easier to climb in and out of the trailer. Geri has been most helpful with giving me ideas of places to see that have heightened my interest in the history of this part of the country.

I have loved laying in bed at night listening to the wind blowing through the pine trees. They aren't like the pine trees that I am use to - Ponderosa, Spruce Pines, pines of the western states - with branches all the way down the trunk to the ground, but the Slash Pines are fast growing, tall, slender and seem to shed their lower branches as they grow so they look like they have a tuff at the end. And pine cones, they must produce those things fast as they are always dropping whenever the wind is blowing.

The local folks are so friendly - this must be the real Southern hospitality. Most people don't seem to be in a hurry - why? is their question. I don't know?

The number of For Sale signs is mind boggling. Imagine if all the houses in your neighborhood area, except 2 or 3, had for sale signs out in front and all you see is a "sea of for sale signs" looking down your street. And, some put the sale price out on the sign. One I saw said "Marked Down to $999,990". Could have had a shorter sign by adding $10 and just putting up 1 Mil! Normally, when there is a large supply flooding the market, it's a time to scoop up as prices seem to drop - that doesn't seem to apply here. The foreclosure sales "on the courthouse steps" are starting to increase. It's sad when you can watch a "how to obtain foreclosed property" on TV.

Okay, I have left Eastpoint, but wanted to finish this up and get it posted since I have the ability to catch up right now. It's 3/13 and am in Alabama for tonight and then back over to Georgia. I'll be back with my tales of leaving Eastpoint and the subsequent stay at Cottonhill campground at Walter F. George Reservoir. The tale continues later tonight.

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