Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Life is Interesting

Sunday (March 16), made it through the night okay, wind kept me awake for awhile. I ended up hitching up the trailer and attaching the sway bar, just in case we had some strong winds during the night - only thing I could come up with to add some stability.

Today, I am on my way to “The Little White House” of FDR’s era.

Oh such a beautiful drive up to The Little White House. I stopped at Pine Mountain for lunch and headed this way. The Museum about his life is so interesting. I was just 3 when he passed away, here at the Little White House. He was sitting for a portrait at the time, complained of chest pains and passed away shortly thereafter. He did so much and after learning about his early life and life here at Warm Springs. I can understand his feeling for wanting to start his New Deal programs. One note of history that surprised me was the size of his shoes - they were 13-1/2 quad A’s. A very narrow and long foot. I bought a coffee mug that lists all the Federal programs he was responsible for starting - CCC, FCC, FDIC, FERA, FTC, NLB, NRA, REA, SEC, SSB, TVA, and WPA

When I came out of the Museum entrance, there was a Casita sitting in the parking lot and the license tags were from Maine. I know a couple I met in Monument Valley, AZ were on their way to Florida and waited to see if it was them. Nope, it was a Mr. Weeks on his way back to Maine. We chatted for a few minutes. Got home to a beautiful sunset, sat out on the deck, turned on my “blue lights” to give the campers a treat and waved as they went by. Good night.

Monday, March 17th - Went to Callaway Gardens over by Pine Mountain, GA. If I had been a couple weeks later, the azaleas would be in full bloom; but they are getting there. It cost $13.91 to get in so I thought this had better be worth it. It was, except the Gardens Restaurant I wanted to have lunch at wasn’t open. If all the school kids and screaming toddlers hadn’t been there I might have been in a better mood at first; but once I got away from them it got much better. What I did get to see is beautiful- azaleas, dogwoods,forsythia, some flowering tree Japanese Red Maple’s.

My favorite place was the Butterfly Enclosure. I watched butterflies emerge from cocoons. Unfortunately, my batteries were slowing down so a lot of my pictures didn’t turn out very well, but I did get a few. I noticed there were banana peels around in pans and the butterflies really liked them. Will have to try that at home this spring and summer.

I came home through LaGrange and expected a small community - NOT. For supper I was going to try a Mexican restaurant in Valley, AL. Instead, I went to WalMart to pick up some groceries, including some makin’s for tacos and nachos. (Wow, a cell phone with a dial tone, I just heard). I had tacos last night and will have nachos tomorrow night.

Tuesday - I had a reminder on my cell phone to remind me to send a friend a birthday card. I had forgotten about that reminder (and I had already sent the card) and at midnight I was suddenly awakened to this “buzzzzzzzzzzzz” sound. Man that startled me, what the heck is that? Am I being attacked by a large bee? Oh, it’s the cell on its “manner mode” and is someone calling me at this hour - oh I hope not. I pushed all the buttons to get it to quite. Finally! I put it back on its regular ring and five minutes later, it rang again. Grumble, grumble, I guess I didn’t shut the dang thing off altogether. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEAN, IN IDAHO!

Today is an “almost do nothing” day. I did have laundry to do. And, then it is just get caught up on my blog and pictures, read (am reading The Maze by Catherine Coulter) and make some nachos. Thursday morning I take the truck up to LaGrange to get an oil change at the Toyota dealership (I know I could go to WalMart - NOT yet at least), then get some groceries and a prescription filled and get things packed up to leave Friday morning for I don’t know where at this time. This little guy entertained me while I was doing laundry.

There is a sound I hear at night that takes me back to my days in Flagstaff Arizona. There are some trains that go through this area and when I hear the whistle (horn or whatever they are called), it reminds me of hearing that same sound thru the forests of northern Arizona. It is a rolling, clear and melodious sound that I only hear in forests. I live near a railroad that has 10-15 trains a day going through and they are flat sounding, even though there are some musically inclinded engineers playing with that whistle/horn. Even off in the distance they don’t sound the same as they do in a forest. After going to bed, I wait for those trains to go through before I go to sleep.

Our temperature yesterday (3/18) and it's raining today.

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