Sunday, March 23, 2008

I've Been Pegged

by a local (at Valley AL) as someone from either Kansas or Nebraska . I have an accent of someone from a Plains state! Me with an accent? We have an accent in the Plains States?

Thursday - the truck has been serviced by a Toyota dealer in LaGrange. What a really nice facility. And, as I was driving to the dealership, I saw an Applebee’s! I’ve been wanting to eat at one so bad for the last three weeks and there it is - so dinner is on my friend Sarah, who gave me an Applebee’s gift card for Christmas. Speaking of vehicles, KIA is apparently building it’s home base in West Point, GA. I saw it from the Interstate as I was driving north and that is one huge spread! It’ll be awhile before it’s completed, but bet the folks around here are happy. I’ve seen a few signs that say, “Thanks KIA”.

And on a related subject, Georgia has some really beautiful roads - Federal, State and County. May have said this before. Somebodies have been doing a lot of Federal legislation for highway money. As a visitor to the State, I will say I am glad they did ‘cause as I said they are really nice roads. My one big complaint has to do with all their “historical markers”. They have lots of them, but no notification that one (or even 2) are coming up and NO place to pull over to read them. There are people traveling through the State or area that like to read those things - why go to the expense of putting them up if one can’t pull over to read them.

Just had my favorite dinner at Applebee’s - Fiesta Lime Chicken, topped off with a Blonde Brownie! Thank you Sarah.

My whole peace and quiet has been disturbed by the newcomers next door - have to remember next year when planning on where I’ll be during various spring breaks from school. I am glad they are getting out with the kids as it was good for my brother and I when we were that age. I am just much older now. It has been a beautiful day and I hope it continues this weekend.

Well, time to start packing things up as I would like to get an early start. I have reservations for Saturday night but not Friday and want to get to the next place early enough to get a fairly choice spot. If it hadn’t been for spring break time I would have just gone and taken my chances. This time of the year there is quite a selection to pick from at the parks.

Said goodbyes to my new friends, Sharon and Joe - the full timers with the Airstream. Am really going to miss them and their two poochies - Petey and Polly. We are going to stay in touch though and someday I’ll hear Joe holler out to me “Hey Emily.”


Saturday morning. Am here at COE McKinney Campground at Allatoona Lake - north of Atlanta and south of Cartersville and off I-75 (I can hear the traffic at night). I was able to get the site I had reserved starting on Saturday , for Friday night. This part of the loop is quiet and there are only two others here and one further east on this same loop, so not much vehicle traffic. The rest rooms/showers/washer & dryer are close and usage is relatively minimal. Was surprised the campground isn’t fuller since it is so nice out.

I am not doing much today, just taking it easy and will be for the next couple of days. My trip here was a bit frustrating for me. I wanted to avoid using the Interstate to get here and so took “back roads”. I obviously didn’t write myself a detailed enough route sheet and lost roads and gained roads I hadn’t listed on my route sheet. But, thank heavens I had learned the different highway numbers and recognized them when I ran across them where I wasn’t expecting them to be. Since I am pilot and navigator, I like to create a “route sheet” that, I can easily look at when driving, that gives me directions to my next destination (including some alternative routes).

I didn’t really get to look at much coming up but did see the northwest outskirts of Atlanta, went through Franklin on US 27, northeast on GA 166 to Villa Rica, NE on GA 61 to Dallas and that’s when I got confused. Somehow I ended up in Powder Springs, then north on GA 176 to Lost Mountain and to Achworth. Then I passed the road that would have taken me to the turnoff to the Campground, so ended up going north on US41 to an entrance onto the Interstate and south to the McKinney Campground exit.

The road to the Campground is a narrow two-laner with no shoulders and it’s very curvy. It occurred to me at some of those “S” curves that one pulling a long trailer would have the tow vehicle going around one curve while the trailer was still navigating the previous curve. Sure hate to be someone going the other way with a long trailer. Am exaggerating a small bit. Eggcarto did just fine staying in line! He even was called “cute” when I was waiting to register in.

Speaking of registering. I have used the “Recreation.Gov” three times now and the easiest way for me is on-line. Been able to do that once and twice via phone. Piece of advice for anyone using (it’s very new and not all campgrounds have it in place yet - this one just started yesterday) have lots of patience. And, if you reserve via phone, do a bit of exploring of available campsites on-line at the campground you are heading to before calling. There are often “notes” about particular campsites you might need to know about ahead of time - length, slopes, shade or no shade. You will be asked if you have some campsite preferences and they can tell you if it is still available. Checking in can require patience too. I was the 6th person waiting to check in here and they had just started the system yesterday, as I said earlier. Friday was a long day.

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