Sunday, March 16, 2008

Interesting Day - Elsewhere!

Saturday, March 15 - This is the first morning, since I left February 1, that I didn’t need to turn the heater on before getting up. It rained for a little bit around 6 a.m. (think that was EDT - or it could be CDT) and the clouds have been passing overhead all morning with the sun popping out every now and then.

It was a short drive up here from the RV park at Opelika - about 30 minutes if I took the Interstate, but alas I didn’t. I drove US 29 instead (which did include a few miles on the Interstate) and wound thru the hills. So consequently, it took me around an hour or so. I do like the country I am in - this time of year, not when it’s hot and humid.

I am at the R. Shaefer Heard Campground on West Point Lake, GA/AL. I think I am in Georgia - doesn’t really matter to me. This is another Corps of Engineers campground and it is, again, a very nice place. The loop I am on has wooden decks at the sites, that include the picnic table, benches, grill and a fire pit. On this particular loop, the slope to the waters edge is steep, so they have built decks. There are 117 sites and all are at waters edge, with very nice bathrooms and really nice showers - fairly new I’d say and includes handicap accessibility, which I don’t remember at Cottonhill. So far, I like this Campground a little bit better than Cottonhill and I really liked Cottonhill.

The rain didn’t show as forecasted. I had a challenge getting the front end jack set up as the ramp the truck was on was steep enough to put the bottom of the trailer tongue about 6-7 inches from the ground; and, I couldn’t get the trailer wheel or my cone underneath. So I had to back the truck up enough to raise the hitch. Many of the sites on this loop have steep backup ramps to the pads, some very long ramps to the pad. Then, then the water faucet (the red kind you have to pull the handle up on) wouldn’t work. Thank heavens for cell phones (never thought I’d say that)! I could just call the campground office and let them know and someone was here in 15 minutes to fix it.

Since I had stopped at a Cracker Barrel in Opelika and had a huge lunch (eggs, biscuits and gravy, a ham slice, sausage, bacon - know am not suppose to eat that much pork since I am allergic to pork - their potato casserole, fried apples and grits - still haven’t developed a taste for grits), I didn’t have much for supper. I did take a walk around this area of the Campground after my supper of a bowl of cereal and found the showers. Finding out how nice they are, I hurried back to camp, grabbed my shower stuff and went and took a nice hot shower, then crawled into bed and read for awhile.

Today, is my “rather do nothing” day. Listening to some ZZ Top, Dire Straits, and Creedence Clearwater while writing this. Oh, there’s a little Ventures and VanHalen in there too. Been visiting with some folks who are full-timers in their Airstream. We’re sharing campgrounds we’ve been to among other subjects. Made reservations at the campground where the folks from this part of the country are having a gathering at the end of this month- near Valley Head AL I believe.

Oh no, I just discovered ants in my trailer. Guess what am doing right now? Okay, let’s see where my notes are about keeping them out? Opps, let the electric cord touch the ground! Makes a good pathway for them little critters. Oh well, the floor (wood floor) needed sweeping and rugs needed shaking out anyway. Sweeping to “Proud Mary”.

As some of you know, who have seen my little trailer, I have rope lighting inside. A previous owner, who must have been electrician, put rope lighting through the cabinets and through PVC pipe where there are no cabinets. It makes for nice lighting watching TV or a just an ambiance light. Well, it also is in the bathroom. It runs through the “shower curtain rod”, down the black tank vent to where it enters a cabinet just behind the bathroom on the driver’s side. At night, the bathroom light gives off an erie orange glow thru the bathroom window as well as the vent cap on top of the trailer. Just for the heck of it, I turned it on and last night the effect caused quite a stir among the campers - there was a steady parade of walkers and vehicles going by here. I could hear them make comments. After I turned it off, one family walked by and I heard a little kid say, “ But, mom I want to see the orange light.” “Hush son,” said Dad. Just wait until I turn on the blue rope light around the center seam tonight!

Oh, Bob Seger and his “Old Time Rock and Roll” . The bouncing of the trailer will drive those ants out! Now it’s “Travelin’ Band” by Creedence. Neighbors are probably wondering what that old lady is doing!

Weather is muggy now, been getting phone calls about how close I am to Atlanta where downtown had a tornado go thru. Knew last night when I saw the big thunderheads southeast of here, someone was in for a stormy night somewhere. We just have clouds blowing over, sun every now and then and a mild breeze.

Sunday, made it through the night okay, wind kept me awake for awhile. Today, I am on my way to “The Little White House” of FDR’s era.

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