Friday, March 14, 2008

Hurry before it rains again!

I decided to stay one more night at Cottonhill Campground and used the extra day to do some exploring. I went to Oglethorpe to check out the county campground and see some sights. I toured through the little town museum at Andersonville. It was neat walking through where history was made many decades ago. Am glad I didn’t take the trailer as the streets are narrow. I saved going through the Andersonville Prison Museum to Wednesday. I went through Plains - another place I would explore on Wednesday.

My trip took me through Americus, which is the international headquarters of Habitat for Humanity. Driving in from the west thru Americus is very impressive. The main street east and west is one-way. Eastbound you immediately gain a sense of the noble south. The buildings are 3 or 4 stories high, they gave me a sense of the Old South, of folks who cherished their heritage, their location, and their history. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that feeling when I was westbound through town - in fact I don’t really remember it.

The Habitat building fits in with the 4 story buildings next to it architecturally; but, to me, the gray color was foreign. It set the building off and apart from the other structures around it - it was out of sync. Which I thought was an odd message from Habitat. Oh well, maybe it’s just me. I now wish I had taken a picture to show you what I mean. But, Americus is obviously a growing community - a lot of new building taking place.

I did stop to have lunch in Richland GA at a place called Our Place Family Cafeteria at the junction of US 280 and something - right at the stoplight. It is a buffet place and I had the most delicious meat loaf - it just melted in my mouth and had the best flavor. I also chose some southern veggies - and again I have no idea what I was eating - and I went away from that place just stuffed and having enjoyed a really good meal.

Oh, I did stop at a little airport to see where Charles Lindbergh made his first solo flight.

Tuesday, I drove up to Providence Canyon State Park. It is billed as one of Georgia’s 7 Wonders. and Georgia’s Grand Canyon. Due to poor farming habits of the 1800’s, soil erosion started the path downward to the creation of the canyons. With the red Georgia soil on top, the contrast is striking. I also met a delightful gentleman, named Don. He gave me all kinds of information about what to see in northern Georgia. He was originally from Texas but lives here now and is obviously proud of his adopted State.

After getting back to the Campground, I did another load of laundry, started packing as much as I could the day ahead. Wednesday, morning after dumping the holding tanks I was on the road around 10:30 a.m. I did stop in Plains Georgia and had a good lunch at a place called The Old Bank Cafe - lots of Jimmy Carter things inside, including a birthday quilt for Rosalynn Carter. There is the National Headquarters for Carter’s campaign in the railroad station, across the street is brother Billy’s gas station. The compound is on the west side of town and you drive right by it. The Carter boyhood home can be visited. The Museum and Visitor Center are located at the former Plains school where both Jimmy and Rosalynn went to school. I liked the Museum, not glitz and glass to detract you from the information. A school building that would remind a lot of us of those years many, many decades ago. Worth a visit.

From Plains I went to the Andersonville National Prisoner of War Museum. The Civil War prison area is still preserved and there is a self-guided tour around. The Museum is dedicated to all POW’s starting with the Civil War and currently through the Iraq war. It was very moving for me and I had to take some time to compose myself before getting in the truck and leaving. The narrations from POW’s sometimes gave me a big lump in my throat. Visit it when you have the chance.

I spent the night at the Whitewater Creek (Macon) County campground near Oglethorpe. There were 3 or 4 other trailers there besides mine. I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to park as it was virtually open. I hope the pull-thru I used was really a pull-thru. I was visited by the Camp supervisor's yellow lab. He apparently greets everyone to the Campground.

From there I drove to Opelika, AL to spend the night in a private RV campground with WiFi, so I could get caught up on everything. I am now getting ready (and guess what? it is raining) to drive 25 minutes down the road to West Point and my next stay for 5 nights. So am hurrying up to get this posted.

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