Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daylight Savings Time? I was just getting use to regluar Eastern Time

Cottonhill Campground, Walter F. George Lake, GA

Slept late this morning - until 8 a.m.

The sun coming in the south window woke me up and I witnessed fog being created from the surface of the lake. When I first looked out there wasn’t any but the portion of the lake here was as smooth as glass - not a ripple - obviously not even a breeze. As the sun rose, fog started lifting on the far side of the lake. As the fog was being created, it moved to this side of the lake and as it did it broke the glasslike surface and created little ripples and a slight breeze moved the fog westward. The fog got so thick I couldn’t see the shore on the other side - about 1/2 mile - but I could see the tops of the trees. As I was sitting there watching this, a man in a trolling boat appeared out of the fog moving very slowly. He and boat were all dark and he had a hooded outer garment on - like the headless horseman, except a boat instead of a horse. He came out of the fog and soon disappeared back into the fog. What a fascinating 40 minutes.

It’s still a bit nippy out - my thermometer outside says 60 degrees with a slight breeze. But, being out in the sun is warm. Since I had to leave under adverse conditions on Friday and yesterday was primarily spent in Eufaula, AL getting prescriptions filled (more on those two days in a bit), I didn’t really have a chance to clean and reorganize the back of the truck, so I did that this morning. My activities today include getting a small load of laundry done and hiking a nature trail, which I want to do before the mosquitos get busy. So I am going to fix a small lunch to take with me and go do that in a little bit.

Back from the nature trail walk. It was around 1.5 miles and took me thru all kinds of terrain, across bogs. The trees are just starting to bloom out. The Bradford Pears are in various stages of blooming or leafing out, as well as the red bud trees. I saw my first blue bird too - oh, such a vivid blue. There were some ducks (kind of looked like Wood ducks - very pretty) on the pond you walk around. Will have to look them up when I get a chance, because they are not the kind of ducks we see back at home. Very showy ones. I also “stalked” some kind of Heron (large and gray color) this morning with my camera. Another bird to look up. Need to invest in a bird book or program - as well as a tree one, especially if I keep doing this. I just love the monocle my son Jim gave me for Christmas. It is so much easier to handle than a binocular.

The nature trail had numbered markers, but when I asked the camp host at the gate if there was a guide for the nature trail, she just looked at me and said “nature trail?” And, when I asked her about the nearest WiFi spot available, she said “Wifi?” and looked at me with a confused look on her face. I do have to give her some room as the couple has only been here a couple of days. But, lady you should at least know what WiFi is,, even if you don’t know where it is. I’ll find it.

Since someone else was using the washer and dryer, I took a shower (oh, it feels good to be able to stretch out when showering) and came back to putter around. One project I started, is to label all the cords I have - adapters for this and that, 12V plugs for this and that. Still have a few I am scratching my head about.

Was listening to the weather forecast for this area on my Weather Radio; and, a storm system is possibly heading this way thru central Alabama and eastward below I-20. Doesn’t sound bad at this point, but am deciding how long to stay here, or should I head north Tues. or Wed and get settled in at my next spot before the rain hits. Sounds like the stormy weather is going to be around for 3 or 4 days in length. Am not breaking camp in stormy weather again! The spot I am currently in is reserved starting Friday night - I could move to another spot or head north. The mystery starts - what will she do?

Well, the mosquitos are beginning to hang around (they seem to like the laptop screen for some reason) and want to go see if the washer and dryer are ready. We have had a concert all afternoon by the crows. In the morning we are awakened by the Canadian Geese and serenaded to by the crows in the afternoon. What more can one ask for.

Oh, leaving Eastpoint FL on Friday, 3/7 was not a good day - rain, thunder & lightening, wind. I have had several incidents in my life with lightening so whenever I hear thunder I don’t stay outside. So with the combinations, it took me 2-1/2 hours longer to get ready to leave. I would get a little done when the rain would let up, then sit in the truck or trailer while it poured, out again to do a little more. After a while, I put my poncho on and with the wind blowing that was an event too. The back of the poncho would blow over my head and get my back wet and the rain would slither down my spine to an unnamed destination. Then the front would flip over my face. Where is a belt when I need one - used a bungee cord instead. At least my head was dry!

Finally, I was ready to go at 12:30 p.m. still soaking wet, I just wanted to get going - wet or not. I am not the most pleasant person to be around when I am frustrated. I ran out of the rain about 20 miles north and was able to change into dry clothes. I had just gotten to the point where I was throwing hoses, blocks, you name it into the back of the truck and the first job at the new camp will be to clean out the back of the truck and reorganize. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

I did get to say goodbye to Geri and Chuck before leaving. She really has a nice shop and does a beautiful job of framing. Her business has increased tremendously without even advertising.

My experience getting my prescriptions refilled was a long one - 5-1/2 hours and I ended up buying and buying, went out to eat, got gas. Apparently, there was some kind of stomach virus/flu going around and everyone was getting their prescriptions filled - plus they had 3 people in the pharmacy out with whatever was going around.

One of the things I am learning on this trip is that those free WiFi spots are not as free anymore. I am finding more and more motels, that one could sit outside and use their internet access, is changing with many giving their paying customers passwords/codes for access. My son emailed me that coffee shops with free WiFi he use to go to in Albuquerque now require a signup. So beware.

More later.

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