Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Sound of Surf, ahhhhhhhh

Sometime during the night, the winds started, gently rocking the trailer from time to time. Kind of like I was in a cradle. Due to storms coming in from the Gulf, we have had winds all day kicking up the waves in their travel across the water. Periods of sunshine would grace us with sparkle off the water and opportunities for picture taking.

Last night a couple from Branson, MO pulled in next to me with a 5th wheel Scamp fiberglass trailer. He and I visited this morning about places and trailers and I learned a few things about mine, thanks to him. He is a NASCAR lover and had been to Daytona for the races down there this week - been going for 25 years he said. They were going to be spending a couple of nights on St George Island before heading home.

Geri picked me up around 10 this morning and we drove first over to St George Island and went to the State Park. The waves were beautiful and surf had a sound that I love. She explained how the dunes on the Gulf side of the Island had been washed away by Hurricane Dennis’ (July 10, 2005 with a direct hit at Santa Rosa west of here and where I spent my first night in Florida) eastern edge of the hurricane. Much of the sand had been washed into the St George Sound and had to be dredged out. She was pleased to see that the Gulf side dunes were working their way back into the pretty dunes.

I took lots of pictures of waves - using my continuous shooting ability with the camera - catching a cycle of waves. On the Sound side of the Island are lots of pine trees and large dunes and that is where we found the campground. Looks like a fairly nice place and is pretty full. When I checked Reserve America yesterday for availability, there was very little available for several days at a time. I was
hoping to be able to spend a couple of nights there before leaving this area. I did see more opportunities over at St Joseph Peninsula SP and may consider that.

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip out there and it was refreshing and invigorating. I’ll probably take another couple of days here and there, before leaving, and just go out and walk the beach and lose track of time. That will be good exercise for the gluteus maximus and other attached ligaments around the tailbone.

From there, we went to see dwarf cypress trees. These trees are documented to be over 150 years old but only reach a mature height of around 15 feet. They are also referred to as “miniature” or “hat-rack” cypress. This particular stand of trees is found at Tate’s Hell Swamp, which is part of Tate’s Hell State
, which covers over 200,000 acres in Franklin County and southern part of
Liberty County. A boardwalk has been built so one can walk out into the swamp to see the dwarf trees as well as see the hydrology restoration program that is taking place.

Coming back home, we stopped and had “lupper” (lunch/supper) at a local place. I ordered a cheeseburger and the waitress asked me “If I wanted to go all the way” on the burger (everything). Took me a moment. Geri ordered blackened shrimp and she let me try just one. It was sooooo good and spicy but even that one piece caused me to have a minor reaction. Oh, but it was sooooo good! Though my reaction wasn’t bad she saw how fast it works. We came home and I put my head down to sleep, which is a common side effect of my reactions. I slept for 3 hours.

Not really hungry, so will have a bowl of cereal for a night snack. The wind is still blowing and there is a 90% chance of severe thunderstorms tonight and 70% thunderstorms are likely tomorrow for the area. I see there are tornado warnings out for areas of Alabama and Georgia. I hope and pray those folks make it through the night okay - a nighttime tornado is scary.

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