Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back Tracking . . . . .

Well, where do I start? Let’s get the “unfortunates” out of the way and move onto the positive aspects of this trip. Unfortunately, I left my laptop's power cord at Jeri’s in Baton Rouge; and was unfortunate in finding one that would work until the original arrived here in Eastpoint, FL

Unfortunately, I delayed the start of my trip 2 days due to a nasty blizzard headed right for the area of Kansas I would be spending my first night - in the southeastern part of the State or even in northeastern Oklahoma. The night before leaving, I unfortunately left my brand new cell phone in the pocket of a pair of pants I was washing. It went thru the washes, spins and one rinse before I remembered. My daughter found a suggestion on the Internet to put the phone in some rice to soak up the moisture. In 30 hours, I had a working phone, albeit the home page screen blinks at me and the battery doesn’t hold up as long - but it works just fine.

Just 60 or so miles from home, a brown long-neck bottle comes flying at me from a passing truck (personally owned), right towards the passenger side windshield. Oh no. Fortunately, the windshield wiper arm deflected the bottle off of the windshield. Unfortunately, the arm was bent and the blade came loose. But fortunately, I carry an extra armature and blade.

I am a nervous ninny when I start out on a trip, stopping every few hours, or on particularly rough roads, to check to make sure everything is secure - especially my new microwave which is just a tad smaller than the previous one and didn’t fit as snug. I had stopped for lunch in McPhereson, wanted to check the inside and so upon entering the trailer (the 16 ft does not have a pullout step and --unfortunately for me, I didn’t put the step stool down) I lost my balance, slipped or something and backwards out the door I went landing on the coccyx (tailbone to most of us) first and hard on the concrete parking lot. Then the back, the shoulders and the head. Fortunately (ah here is another one), my head landed on a small snowdrift and cushioned the blow. Wished it had done that down at the other end of the spine and for my ego!

The headwind from the south was awful and combined with the snow slush on the road, I was not getting very good mileage. Fortunately, it was a south wind and not a cold wind from the north. The weight on the trailer and in the bed of the pickup was the same as the previous trips (in fact a tad bit less), but I guesstimated it was the new tires which are heavier than the original tires, but same size. I like the new ones much better as they are quieter. I didn’t know that my wiper blades made a slight clicking sound when they are on! And, I am very glad I had them put on for traction on the wet and slushy pavement.

The first night at Arkansas City, I did very little to set up - hooked up the electricity so I could have HEAT and use my new electric blanket! That little bit was pretty much an effort as it was. A older couple on their way home to Canada, pulled up next to me; and later in the evening there was a knock on the door. It was the Mister with a big bowl, of what his wife called Soup for the Soul and it was to help me feel better (apparently the campground owner told them of my plight). Believe me it was delicious - a real smooth and creamy potato soup, with white Northern Beans, pieces of bacon and onion and peas. Ohhhhhh, that was so nice of them and wassssss so gooooooood. Well,that’s my first night.

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