Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back Tracking, Day 2

Heavens to Betsy, I slept until 9 a.m. today - course I went to bed two - three hours later than usual, when I travel. I stayed up until 10 p.m.!

Back to getting caught up. My route for the day took me from Arkansas City to Ponca City OK on US 77; then east to Pawhuska on US 60; south for a short stink on OK 99; then SE on OK 11 thru Barnsdall to Skiatook and over to US 75. I headed south on US 75 through Tulsa and got on the Indian Nation Turnpike at Henryetta to Hugo, then across the state line to a Corps of Engineer Park at Pat Mayse Lake - just about 15 miles north of Paris, TX.

Okay, it wasn’t that easy a drive. It was a long drive and thankfully the roads in Oklahoma were great and smooth most of the way. The Turnpike was great and cost only $6 for the 3 axles for the whole way. I had realized at some, point after I got over the shock of crashing hard, that I need to put cold packs on the tailbone from time to time to get the swelling down. Since I don’t have any freezer space in my trailer refrig, I got a bag of ice and kept it in the ice chest on the back seat of the truck. Once I used the bag before I got to Arkansas City and used it once before going to bed, threw the bag back into the ice chest and went to bed.

The next morning I went to get the bag to do my sitting thing and no matter how much I pounded on that bag of ice it wouldn’t break up very much. Picture me trying to break this bag of ice up with a hammer and holding my back side with the other hand. Wasn’t a pretty picture. In fact, just using the bag of ice was comical, now that I look back. That bag of ice hurt when I sat on it! So I got another bag. I went through almost 2 bags of ice going across Oklahoma; and, sitting on a bag of ice probably created a bunch of questions in peoples minds. I tried to shield myself from inquiring eyes as much as I could as I would plunk the bag of ice down on the floor of the trailer at the doorway and then sit on it for what ever length of time I could stand. It was just too hard to climb up at this point and just easier to sit down on the floor at the door. Getting up into the truck was even painful.

I stopped at the rest area on the north end of the Turnpike and again at the south end to “ice sit”. I did in between too and just kept praying someone or a HP wouldn’t stop because I was stopping on the side of the road that was clearly labeled every mile as for “emergency only”. It was an emergency!

I wasn’t making very good time and knew that Sunday was going to be a long day driving. I had planned on getting into Baton Rouge between 4 and 5 p.m. on Sunday. So most of the time I was in a mini-hurry. I made it as far as the campground at Pat Mayse Lake Saturday night. I really wasn’t being very observant, but as I learned from living in Oklahoma there are beautiful hardwood trees on the eastern side of the state and quite colorful in the fall. And, here at Sanders Lake there were many hardwood trees too. The campground was nice though probably not one I would stay at “in season” as the spaces are close together.

I paid my $6.50 for full hookups and proceeded to settle in as much as possible. On one of my trips outside (there were getting to be too many at this point), a gentleman came over and told me he use to be a Casita owner. He is from Dallas and he and his wife and 2 or 3 big dogs decided that the Casita was too small and he bought a fairly new Airstream to accommodate all 4 or 5 of them. But, HE missed his little Casita.

While it was still light out I did a slow walk around the trailer and was aghast at all the rust spots that had showed up on the frame after the first day’s travel thru all the salt/brine that was on the roadways in Kansas. My heart just sunk. And, the trailer and truck were filthy, just awful. I hooked up the hose the best I could and squirted all over the trailer as much as my little behind would let me - the underside was reaaaaaaallllllly rough. Guess I have a rust removal project to do sometime. No, not attempting it now.

Geri and I are taking our cameras tomorrow (Sunday) and going somewhere to shoot pictures. We both decided the dishes can wait. Good night.

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