Friday, February 15, 2008

Back to Current, for now. . . .

I haven’t done too much the last couple of days - Wed I emptied my holding tanks and that was enough for the day. Ye ole sit down is still determining how much I do in a day. When I start to get that tingly feeling in the “sit-down”, it’s time to take it easy (keep those thoughts clean now).

I walked around downtown Apalach a little bit in the afternoon. I spent time looking in windows mostly (not much for buying things anymore at this time in my life, but it’s fun to look) and then had a late lunch at a Mexican place. Since I have seafood allergies, I have to be much more careful here where I eat as I don’t know for sure if the same or different utensils, grills, etc. are used to cook all the seafood and non-seafood. Even if I am told different utensils are used, I play it safe and fix my own meals. Apalach is full of antique stores of all kinds, some are specific and some are eclectic - those are the fun ones. There is one that is “funky junk”. Considering all the recent hurricane destruction I have been through, it amazes me there are so many “old” buildings from the 1800’s still around. Must be the luck of the Apalachians!

Thursday morning I got the laundry done, then headed over to St George Island and drove from the west end to the east end. I didn’t tour the State Park - that’s another day. If, and that’s a really, really big IF, I had the money to live along the coast there has got to be trees in my line of sight, then the ocean or bay! Give me something to look at beside a boring ocean! Oh, probably there are pretty sunrises and sunsets from time to time, and a few big waves coming your way during storms, but white beaches that stretch for miles, a huge pond out there and lots of other houses like yours on stilts. And, the prices - there are soooooo many properties for sale - you can tell the difference between the “rentals” and for sale signs. You’d better have good knees too to get up into your house, lots of stairs!

Today, Friday, I drove over to St Joseph. That area has an interesting history in the making of Florida as does Apalach. Apparently, there has been strong rivalry between the two towns for many eons. I started at the Constitution Convention State Museum in St Joseph, where St Joseph was selected over Tallahassee (then territorial capital) as the site of the state’s Constitution Convention. A couple of historical sites are Here and Here .

I then went over to St Joseph Peninsula State Park. This was my “beach day”. I drove through the two campgrounds and definitely liked the one with the pine trees - big surprise huh? I did see two Casitas there. Didn’t catch where one was from but the other was from Wisconsin. I did sit and watch some pelicans for awhile. Interesting bird. I did walk along the white sandy beach too. Waded in the Gulf waters, picked up sea shells, watched the birds (sandpipers and gulls) doing nothing. Was relaxing. You can’t climb the sand dunes as they are “under construction” (in other words being preserved). On the bay side, there are fresh and saltwater marshes. The ocean water wasn’t really as cold as I thought it would be.

Had a nice scenic drive home, sat with a glass of wine and watched the sun set from my trailer, fixed supper and now working on today’s report. I still have some back tracking to do and that’s my project for this weekend; plus, get my pictures caught up.

PS. There's the pelicans and the birds doing nothing. Plenty of seashells and lots of white sand and NOTICE: no people!

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  1. Sounds nice. Enjoy it. It was about 24 degrees here today. At least all the snow is gone ... almost.