Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Day is Here BUT am I Ready?

As usual, the last few days are hectic because there are many things that cannot be done until just before departure.

Took the truck in for it's oil leak check and the mechanic found the transmission has a very slight leak, but we'll take care of it when you get back, they said (thank heavens it's under warranty). The same is true for the Tire Pressure Monitoring Gauge (TPMG) so I have to be annoyed the whole trip with the "blinking" TPMG light. Luckily, it is hidden most of the time driving behind the steering wheel. Meanwhile, I continue to check the tire pressure the old fashioned way. Gee, knew there was a reason I didn't get rid of the old tire gauge (ya, I know you are suppose to check anyway).

I am getting thru chores this morning here at the house and then will head over to finish packing the truck and trailer. So far my trailer packing consists of putting stuff somewhere where it'll be secure for now then along the way, I'll put this and that where I want it. Since my new microwave is a tad bit smaller than the previous one, I have it wedged and stuffed in hopes everything works to keep it in place. I'll be a nervous ninny for awhile, probably stopping every big bump to make sure it's still in place.

Laundry is almost finished so won't have that to look at when I get home, almost finished my breakfast and about ready to head over to the trailer to finish packing. Iam not taking the RV anti-freeze out of the plumbing system until I get to warmer climates, so am packing extra water. Didn't turn the refrigerator on as it got very cold last night and when I put the refrigerated items in that should keep it cold for awhile. I stop and check just to make sure since my experiences with keeping things cold isn't very good.

I'd like to get close to Bartlesville OK tonight but figure somewhere in the vicinity is good. I don't have to be in Baton Rouge until Sunday afternoon, so have a few days to take my time. So until next posting time, have a good day.

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