Saturday, October 13, 2007

It Must be Christmas Time. . . catalogs, catalogs, catalogs!

Day 38, at home and 4245 miles later

Actually it’s a bit later than Day 38, but that’s how long I was on the road. Let’s see, where was I. Oh yes, I was last at Socorro Springs enjoying a pizza. I did a few errands while in Socorro and stopped by and saw son for around 45 minutes.

After my visit I headed back to camp and hitched up Eggcarto for departure on Sunday. Bruce beat me out on leaving and he was heading for Los Alamos and a tour. He later emailed and said that he had an enjoyable day touring around. I finally got away around 9:30 am and really still hadn’t decided which way I was heading home. I eventually went to Santa Rosa, followed the awful I-40 in NM to Vega TX. At least Texas is doing something about the condition of I-40 in it’s State.At Vega, I took US-385 north and US-87 east to Dumas TX where I spent the night in a WalMart parking lot.

From Dumas I headed to Dodge City KS and spent the night with my friend Sarah. Sherry came over for dinner and we, as always, had fun, lots of laughs and I caught up on gossip and happenings. Day 38 is when I got into home base and it felt good.

Been getting Eggcarto ready for winter. He’s got his “pink stuff” (RV antifreeze for those not familiar) so bring on the cold nights. Just have the top to finish waxing and then I’ll cover him up - hopefully before the leaves really start falling.

Then my attention will turn to getting the yards ready for winter. I don’t return to work until 10/20 and then it’s not too many hours each week, so will have time to do what I don’t get done this week.

We have a “new addition” to the family. Some of you remember, Juno’s longtime 4-legged companion of 13 years died on Mother’s Day. Nipper gave her lots of years of good companion and friendship and it was hard for awhile to think about getting another dog. This past Thursday, she and I were in Hays doing errands and she said “you want to go look at the kitties?” “Sure”, said I. So we did and the group at her vet’s thought she needed another dog -”Buster!” they all exclaimed in glee at the same time!

So now we have Buster, an approximately 13 month old Australian Cattle Dog who has seen and been thru some traumatic times in his short life. He possibly was dumped by someone and left to fiend for himself for awhile. A nice man took him to the vet’s refuge center and that’s where he had been for 3 weeks. He has a very subdued personality for a Cattle Dog. He’s well behaved and has had a little obedience training. He’s grown quite attached to Juno - she is what he needs to get his life back on track and he is what Juno needs to get herself back to being active again.

Life isn’t back to normal yet, am still catching up on my mail, looking thru all the catalogs that came in (must be Christmas time), reconciling bank statements, and thinking (just thinking) about cooking again! I got so use to really not eating while traveling. It’ll settle down here in awhile and they it’ll be time to plan for the next trip.

Unless something happens between now and mid-January, I’ll be off to the Apalachicola area in the panhandle of Florida to see Gerri, a fellow Casita owner, and explore that area of Florida and surrounding areas for awhile. Direction to and back home will depend on ‘followingthewinds”.

Have a great Holiday Season with your family and friends; and, I’ll be back in January.

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