Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wow, freebies & my new battery worked!

Day 18, Mile 2017,Cottonwood Campground Canyon de Chelly

Today I visited were our family spread my dad’s ashes, per his request, around 9-10 years ago. I went to Spider Rock here at Canyon de Chelly. That was the only reason why I came here. It is beautiful; and, as you can see, in a couple of the pictures I took, rain squalls in the distance. I soon had a squall upon me at Spider Rock and as I shed some tears they became mixed with the rain coming down on me. I didn’t really care how wet I got at that moment.

I stopped at the Junction Overlook on the way back to camp and there was an elderly Navajo (probably not much older than me but it sounds better) there selling his wares. He asked me why I was so wet, did I get caught in a rain? I explained to him where I was and why. And, he chanted something short in Navajo and didn’t tell me what, but whatever I felt better but drenched and he got his $5. It started to rain again so I got in the truck and just watched the rain blow down into the Canyon.

Okay, I’ve now been blessed or a prayer said over me and I feel good but I am soaked. It was dry here at camp so I discreetly hung my clothes around to dry. As I am sitting outside reading a book, this old mutt comes to my camp begging for any handout I know. I try to ignore him and he patiently waits. He is so smart by being coy about the whole thing (and he is so cute). I was good and didn’t give him anything and he finally wandered off. Because there are so many dogs around, the Park Service has had to raise the trash cans in a rack on stilts so the dogs won’t get into them. Don’t see dogs running packs, like I had heard, but in singles - maybe they figure a single dog won’t scare the humans and they are more apt to get something. Unlike the horses, in herds in Chinle, they roam around together, right out in front of you on the streets, etc. No wonder I noticed so many fences.

I arrived here early yesterday afternoon from Page AZ. Wasn’t a long drive. What I mostly saw was high desert terrain. I did take a few pictures just before getting to Tuba City AZ showing the different layers of color. I had been to Tuba City before but don’t remember it. I crossed the Hopi Reservation and was amazed at how modern the housing is - very neat and tidy and homes like you would find in a small town.

Chinle has really grown and is a hub city for the area - organized in a Navajo way. The Thunderbird Lodge is still here and I had breakfast where the trading post used to be (all that was saved is the safe for storing valuables, now a small art gallery). There is a new Visitor Center and new roads around.

I spent Sunday night in the Wal-Mart parking lot at Page AZ. I hadn’t planned on doing that. I had ordered some prescription refills on-line and would stop to pick them up; but, due to some technical difficulties it was mid-afternoon before they were ready. Hence, it was too late to go very far, so stayed. Glad I did because I ended up getting a new battery for the trailer as the old one just wasn’t holding a charge. I slept pretty good that night. I did stop and see the damn dam at Glen Canyon and listen to people say . . . . ”my look how low the water is.” That’s all my comments on that _ _ _ _ dam.
Thank heavens my calendar on this laptop keeps me straight on my days. I would be lost if I just had a regular calendar to look at and try and figure out what day it is. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will head towards Mexican Hat and the Goosenecks of the San Juan River.

Battery is running down, so must quit and transfer this tomorrow morning before I leave while I have some WiFi capability.

Yuk, was going to fix some guacamole for sup tonight. I had this avocado for a couple of days, felt like it was ready like I am use to. Cut it open and it’s as hard as rock in side - where the heck is this avocado from I ask? Oh, Chile, nothing like a good ole California avocado.

Morning of 19th day, fortunately I got the tanks on the trailer dumped in time as they were shutting the dump stations and rest rooms down due to a problem in the sewer system because of all the storms we had yesterday. Well, am off up north.

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