Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a Place to Get Sick!

Day 18, Mile 2149, Goulding’s Trading Post Campground, Monument Valley AZ

Well, didn’t make it very far today. And to be sick in such a beautiful place too. I had lunch at Mickey Dee’s in Kayenta and within 30 minutes I had to pull over quickly and get out of the truck and run for the ditch. Mind you it is dangerous to pull over out here - very fine sand, no shoulders, often unofficial pullouts are littered with glass and pieces of radial tires. After roughing it over a rather bumpy turn off, I checked the trailer to see if the cupboards had flown open, stuff spilled out of the refrigerator or what ever. Only thing I found was a popped rivet at the top of the cupboard where my microwave goes. Everything had stayed put! In fact, just a few minutes before I stopped I passed the two guys who had gotten their meals just before me and one of them looked like he had made a run too.

Since I didn’t really feel like going much further I came here. Unfortunately, the campground was filled but am parking across the street boondocking again. Sure glad I had that shower this morning.

Speaking of Casitas (I know no one was), one pulled in right after me with a 2005 model. They are Leo and Pam from Brunswick ME. He goes by the handle “Papa Louie” in the CasitaClub.com forum. At Cottonwood Campground, there were two Casitas - a couple from Florida and Gordon from Arizona. Also, at Cottonwood was one of those new teardrop trailers and a late 80’s Scamp.

As I mentioned above in the first paragraph, this is beautiful country, very red and unfortunately no really good pull off spots for taking pictures, going awwwww or gawking. I finally learned to look for the school bus stop ahead signs and used those for my viewing as they are nice long paved spots for the bus to pull over. US191 and US160 are like mild roller coaster rides. There is good road surface and then there is bouncy, bouncy.

Saw something interesting I wish I could have taken a picture of. Out in the middle of nowhere east of Kayenta on US160, there was a FedEx delivery truck parked on one side of the road and a UPS van parked on the other side of the road and the two drivers were talking to each other. Now, to not get either one in trouble, one might have been broke down.

Just reread the end of my last post and see I am a day off along with time changes - AZ not on daylight, Navajo’s are, Hopi’s aren’t, I have no idea what time it is here - my time. You see hogans still being built out here. The best one I saw had skylights in the roof, an AC unit to one side, TV satellite dish, and house siding on it! But, true to tradition for the Navajos, the door faced the East. In fact, all housing, new or old, trailer or hogan has the door facing East. Oh, besides dogs and horses on the highway, add goats. I experienced my first gas spill ever at a gas station yesterday. I still smell the gas. I was refilling my little 2 gallon gas container and the dang pump wouldn’t shut off. There was gas all over the place. The guy filling up next to me came to my rescue and he said this pump does that often. No body moved, no body drove away until the guy came out and thru some cat litter on the spill. Then everybody left! What is really cool out here is you are driving on sand dunes that have been frozen in time and on top of them are semi-permanent sand dues due to the vegetation holding them. These in time may become like the ones underneath. The “frozen” sand dunes are so pretty with the mounds, swirls.

Well will be up and ready to go to Mexican Hat or where ever. Am having breakfast with the couple from Maine in the morning before I leave. They are really a great pair. Oh, this is the land of John Wayne. Remember his movies made out here? How many can you guess?

Well, anyway here is the news and the pictures will be when I can get them on shortly.

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