Friday, September 14, 2007

Two Weeks Down

Day 14, Kanab Utah, Mile 1660 in trip

Two weeks tomorrow on the road. Wow and I am not ready to head back home yet. My pictures, as of yesterday’s activities, are updated through my trips to Coral Pink Sand Dunes (Utah) State Park and Pipe Springs National Monument. See my Flickr link to the right.

I leave tomorrow morning (Saturday) for Canyon de Chelly (pronounced sha-long A) National Monument near Chinle Arizona, where I will spend a night (or two) near the Visitor Center. Here I will test my skills I learned on this trip as there aren’t any hookups etc. From there I will travel up to Mexican Hat, Utah and stay in that area. I want to see the Goosenecks of the San Juan River. From there onto see the 4 Corners and wander over to somewhere in the mountains of northern New Mexico. It may be 4 or 5 days before I can post again, but I’ll keep a diary and post as soon as I can.

I have stayed here in Kanab, Utah for 3 nights. I am taking it easy today doing laundry, stocking up on things for the next few days, gassing up, etc. You have heard of Montezuma’s Revenge if you go to Mexico? Well, Utah’s “culinary” water has affected me the same way (it’s very good tasting by the way - beats the water at home by a long shot), so am back to Dasani water for drinking and cooking for awhile.

Today, I saw John and Ann at another RV park. They had apparently came down from Zion yesterday and didn’t see me in this park until they were out walking their dogs yesterday afternoon. I wasn’t at home at the time. They were to meet Don and Kathie this morning and go onto the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Don found me and he went looking for Ann and John but didn’t find them as they had left the park at 11 a.m. (check-out time) and were parked on a street next to the RV park waiting for him. Since Don didn’t find them, he and Kathie went on to the Rim. I got to talk with Kathie for a few minutes and she had a good time in Zion. Ann said she loved it. After Don and Kathie left, I went back to Ann and John and they were talking with Casita owner Sebastian, who lives here in Kanab. We visited for a few minutes and Ann and John then left to go back to west Texas. They decided since Don wasn’t exactly sure where he was going to be, it would be hard to find the camp among the many primitive campgrounds on the North Rim, so they would head back home. Besides, we learned tomorrow is the opening of bow hunting season there. I stayed and visited with Sebastian for awhile.

The experience with the others has been good, I did learn some things and was able to help others with things I had learned. As with any group, we did have our differences of opinion and conflicts but overall I am glad I was with them and learned what I did. Now that your are totally confused about this morning, I’ll move on.

Let’s see. Oh, yes . . . .Kathie and I took advantage of the free shuttle bus service through the Park at Bryce. You get off, spend as long as you want at each point then catch the next bus coming by. I am glad we did because there were so many vehicles at each point of interest - course that’s the purpose of the shuttle bus is to cut down on the traffic in the Park (Zion has it too). For a panoramic view and colors, it is Sunset Point. All the hoodoos and changing colors. We had lunch at the Bryce Canyon Lodge built by the UP railroad decades ago to bring tourists to Bryce, really good food but not good enough to put on “My Favorite Places” list. I found a Dutch Oven cookbook for Don and gave it to him that night when I went to say goodbye to everyone. I am sure glad that I have one of those America the Beautiful Senior Pass’s as it saved me the $25 entrance fee. I understand Zion has the same entrance fee. Those two National Parks are very popular.

Yesterday (Thursday), was a really enjoyable day. I first went to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park , just a few miles northwest of here and spent between 2 and 3 hours traipsing around the sand dunes. It is a very fine sand and not easy to walk in. I followed the nature trail that had been laid out and read about the wildlife, plants and why the dunes are there. Check their website out for more information. I came back, had lunch and took a short nap.

In the afternoon, I went to Pipe Springs National Monument and met the most fantastic woman. Bro, she reminded me of Georgie Clark White. (I had taken some exciting and interesting river trips with her 47-48 years ago.) Her name is June and she is a volunteer with the National Parks/Monuments. I would say she is in her 70’s and has done things that a lot of us dream about. She knows the area and has lots of stories to tell about Pipe Springs. She has lots of stories about her life too. I really had fun there and came away with an armload of produce from the garden at the Monument (it’s a garden like the settlers would have had).

I like to indulge once in a while, while traveling, in local cuisine. Tonight I had a super dinner at The Rocking V Cafe. The owner is witty, colorful and amusing. Their website is just as interesting as the owner. I had the Desert Oasis salad then finished up my dinner with a very delicious bread pudding with whiskey sauce. This is going on my list of FAVORITES.

Well, the local football game is in it’s second half and I will be able to go to bed pretty soon. My neighbors and I are getting a play-by-play account of the game as the football stadium is just a few blocks away. It is homecoming for the Cowboys and they shoot off fireworks every time the locals get a touchdown. So far that has been four times. Opps, the opponent, the Eagles, are catching up.

Good night, and will post again when I can.
PS New pictures and new Favorite Place to Eat

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